WordPress – What can it Offer Small Business Owners?

The list of website building and blogging tools is vast and ever growing. It can be difficult to find the one that is right for you and your business. WordPress is becoming a fast favourite in developing free and easy to manage websites, with over 18.9% of the 10 Million websites using it. According to Business2Community.com, the content management system is a valuable asset for a small business to invest their time in. It is ideal as a cost efficient tool for a business with little staff. Features include;

– Making SEO almost automatic. Posting relevant content allows you to fill out the recommended SEO info that will maximise your search results. WordPress comes with SEO features and many plug-ins that can help increase SEO effectiveness.

– Professional and customisable themes that you can adapt to create a professional looking website.

– A large supportive community behind it with staff, blogs and forums that can offer help to beginners, or those who want to enhance their website building skills.

– Easy to manage and upload content without having to understand HTML.

– Web based platform that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and can be viewed on any device.

Other Features

As well as using the website development features, many businesses take advantage of the free blogging platform on WordPress.com, allowing them to connect their blog to their website domain. You can also build E-commerce into your website with the various E-commerce plug-ins provided, with profits from your website going directly to you.

WordPress also includes a feature, whereby when you update your blog or content, your social media automatically broadcasts the update. This is effective when keeping your customers informed of any new site developments. You can also integrate media tie-ins buttons for users to share your content on their Facebook wall or Twitter feed.

With WordPress.org, you do not have to sign up and pay for any other services (Some E-commerce plug-ins charge a price, but some are no more than £25), all you need to pay for is a domain name. After that, you are on the way to designing an easy to manage website.

But even if that daunts you, boxChilli is here to help you with our web expertise. We can help with the set up and design, allowing you to have full control over the content.

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