6 signs you need a new website

Having a website is a fantastic way to boost awareness, advertise to potential clients and make more sales. However once a website is live, it doesn’t mean that its forever. Sites need regular updating in order to make them successful. SEO is a good way to do this, however, there are some instances where a total revamp may be appropriate. Here are our top 6 signs that you need a new website for your business.

Changed branding or message

Technicalities aside, it may just be the branding or message of your company has changed and updated. If so, you need to update your website to ensure it reflects this well. Out of date websites rarely do well and won’t be doing your business justice. A new website shows your company is relevant and can incorporate a more modern aesthetic.

Not mobile friendly

Statistically, over half of users now use their mobiles to access sites. Having a website that isn’t optimised for any screen is a quick way to discourage people and push them towards other sites and companies. It’s important to ensure a website is responsive so it will fit any and all screens so the user can access it from any device. Having a mobile-friendly site maximises the potential for clients and therefore sales.

No calls and enquires

If your site isn’t bringing in any enquires, you need to ask yourself why. Is there a reason the website puts people off or is it simply hard to navigate? Maybe certain information isn’t as obvious as it should be on the site and that’s why conversions aren’t happening. There are many reasons why your site might not be bringing in any enquiries. A new site can be optimised to maximise your chances of potential clients and ensure your audience is targeted.

Lacks consistency

A lack of consistency doesn’t look good to potential clients. A website is a huge reflection of the business itself, therefore if the site doesn’t match up, it poses questions to your service. Pages not linking properly, mismatched designs and graphics are all factors that shout “inconsistency.” A website should be smooth and streamline to impress potential customers.

Loading times too long

In the modern era, people’s patience is limited. With most things available at the click of a button, the majority of people won’t wait around. If your site takes too long to load, people are going to click away and look for business elsewhere. You need to ensure your site is optimised to have the quickest loading time possible to keep up with the rest. A fresh new site has the most likely chance of fast loading speeds and therefore more conversions.

Hard to navigate

A great website will have easy user experience which is simple to navigate. Potential clients should be able to quickly get where they need to go within a few clicks. Making users jump through hoops to get anywhere is not going to encourage sales. A page which is nice and easy to navigate is always favourable and will attract more traffic.

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