Bespoke Website Design Services

At boxChilli we will create you an effective, beautiful and unique website that will deliver you with exceptional results. We work together with you to create you a website that truly reflects your brand. Combining our expertise with your ideas, we can create the perfect site for your business. Being a web design company, all our websites are bespoke, so your site will be truly unique.

We focus on ensuring the creation of the site is sleek and stylish. Potential clients should be able to navigate your site quickly and easily to encourage conversions. We keep in close communication with our clients to ensure they are getting what they want. Our designers help to create a strong brand and focus on your business. Our services are personal and affordable.

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Dynamic Responsive Web Designs

Understanding Your Needs

Here at boxChilli, we endeavour to understand your needs, to get an idea of how to create a flawless-looking responsive website that will exceed your expectations. We begin every project with an initial “kick-off” meeting to ensure our team fully understands what you are looking for in a website. It’s important to us to keep in regular communication with clients to ensure they are happy with the work we’re doing. We share common goals with your website creation and stay in touch from the early stages to setting the site live.

Our team create dynamic designs which look clean and modern to push for better conversion rates. Our developers then use their expertise to bring these to life. Our designs are always driven by thorough research, industry insights, and trends so that your website not only looks fantastic but is easy to use and will maximise your enquiries. We always utilize eCommerce features to increase the likelihood of sales for your business. Our SEO services are ongoing and focus on bringing traffic to your site.

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Easy to use

Using boxChilli as your Web Design Agency will allow you to have a WordPress website design that is easily accessible and easy to navigate. This is crucial for potential clients to get to that all-important conversion stage. Your site will grab client’s attention to create traffic and revenue for your business. Our team provides innovative designs and eye-catching content for your site.

We remove all the hassle by handling all your website needs ourselves, leaving you to enjoy the increase in business. We will cater to the layout and creation of your site to fit the needs of you and your company. From eCommerce to dynamic web design, at boxChilli we provide a comprehensive and affordable service.

Grow with your company

To design and develop your bespoke website our expert web designers and web developers will select the best platform for your project. This allows us to ensure that your site is built to grow alongside your business. Our CMS (content management system) of preference is WordPress, we find this is fully flexible as a base system to meet most requirements, with a wide range of bolt-on extensions for eCommerce, directories and membership systems to make the most efficient use of our time. We can also develop a customer-built application using WordPress as your management system.

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Our Website Design Services Process

Being a design agency, we believe that clear objectives and regular communication are the best way to carry out a project. We begin with an initial meeting so everyone understands your business’s goals and needs.

We keep regular communication with clients to ensure the services we provide will be perfect.


Outperform Your Competitors

Website Security

At boxChilli online security is crucial to us. We provide 24/7 support for your website along with daily backups, firewalls, spam filters, anti-virus’, and DDoS protection. We also fully support you with your site’s GDPR compliance requirements.

Optimal User Experience

A key factor in our website design services is the user experience. A good user journey and close attention to the user experience will encourage the user to make a conversion. This could be an enquiry, purchase, or coming back to use your services again.

Improving Site Visibility

We consistently use expert methods to boost your online presence and traffic to your site. We use PPC Advertising (paid ads), Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to optimise your site. Get in touch if you’d like any of these additional services.

Faster Site

Slow-loading sites have been proven to increase bounce rate. Potential clients get bored of waiting for your site to load up and move on to a competitor. We understand the danger of slow-loading sites so ensure your website is consistently the fastest it can be by reducing any issues that might slow it down. A fast website means better user experience for clients, who are then more likely to convert.

What Types of Sites Can We Design?

E-commerce Sites

With e-commerce sites we focus on simplicity of use and navigation. We highlight your products and USPs to transform your website visitors into paying clients. Our expert team are experienced with different e-commerce packages, Content Management Systems and plugins. Together we can find the ideal one for you.

Service-based Sites

Talk to us today about brand awareness and exposure. We can help future clients find out more about who you are and what you do. Our designers have extensive experience and can create a site that will convert potential clients.

Magento Sites

At boxChilli we use Magento. A powerful e-commerce platform that helps streamline online sales. Our expert web specialists can develop a Magento site that increased revenues and improves the user journey.


WordPress Sites

Our digital specialists use strong and fast technology to create bespoke websites through WordPress, a very popular piece of technology. Around 75,000,000 websites are currently using WordPress.


We have worked with a variety of different sectors including healthcare, charities, construction, hospitality and events management, HR, IT, law, marketing, retail, and many others. Our friendly team are dedicated to building bespoke sites which fulfil your business’ needs. We give advice and ensure customers get a website which delivers results. We work to increase leads, purchases or any personal goals. If you want to grow your business with boxChilli, a digital agency that exceeds in design, get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

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Areas Covered

At Boxchilli, we cover many different areas including Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth, Winchester, Fareham, Guilford, Chichester and Basingstoke. We deliver high-quality website design services toy uo, bring better conversion rates and better usability for your important customers.

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