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We Create Bespoke Websites That Are Designed To Generate You Leads.

At Boxchilli, our experts have been working with Basingstoke-based businesses for over 15 years, delivering quality results. We create websites of an exceptional standard for both conversions and user experience. Delivering web design and SEO services to help improve your overall web presence.

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  • Web Design

    Designing a successful website includes many different elements. It’s important to understand your audience. UX (User Experience) designs the optimum experience for your client so they will be more likely to make a purchase.

  • Web Development

    We begin the process by gaining a thorough understanding of what you would like from a website. We combine your input with our knowledge of industry trends, usability, functionality and practise experience to create the perfect website.

  • Content Management System

    All our websites are simple to manage, using an off-shelf content management system. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, so using one of these systems saves time and money on tailor-made development.

  • On Going Support

    Websites need care and management to thrive. We can provide continuous content updates, bug fixes, back-ups, security patches, website monitoring and telephone support are available for your website.

Bespoke Web Design Basingstoke

Web design is the process of designing, developing and producing a website. There are various aspects that are involved in creating a bespoke website and each are handled by our expert team at affordable prices.

Our web design team Basingstoke focus on the look of the page and its usability. We want the design to be sleek and smooth. Potential clients should easily be able to navigate the site and get exactly where they need to go.

Our designers make dynamic, eye-catching designs for your website. We combine your ideas and knowledge of your business with our expertise to produce the perfect bespoke website. We closely communicate with all clients to optimise it for your needs. They can help make strong branding for your company.

We then pass these designs to our developers who use their skills to make your site come to life. It’s our focus to ensure the pages have a great user journey and are responsive on all devices. We utilize eCommerce features to increase the chance of sales.

Our SEO team work to increase traffic and get your website to a high ranking position. SEO and content development are all ongoing and important for a successful site.

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Responsive Web Designs Basingstoke

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is crucial. Your site needs to react to the device which it’s presented on.

A responsive site will change the way it appears based on the resolution of the screen which is being used to view it.

The better the usability of a site, the better it will become. Giving the user the best possible experience is vital for success. It should be easy for potential clients to purchase products, review your services and research your company. The easier it is, the more likely you are to convert and gain clients.

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Designing you the perfect Responsive Website

Our expert team can help you design a successful, responsive website. If you’re looking for a business, WordPress or e-commerce site, our Basingstoke team are here to help.

Our design specialists have responsive designs in mind when working on your website. Our aim is to create a site which works perfectly on any device whilst being user-friendly. We base our website designs from client success to ensure we make the optimum page for you. Our team works to create a site with great functionality and ease of navigation.

Our web designers in Basingstoke work closely to ensure you’re completely satisfied with what we’re doing. We use expert techniques to boost your leads and traffic.

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Designing a website to outperform your competitors.

  • Website Security

    Online security is vital for us at boxChilli. We will support you with your sites GDPR compliance requirements. We can provide 24/7 support for your website. Not only this but daily backups, firewalls, spam filters, anti-virus and DDoS protection.

  • Improving Site Visibility

    We use various different methods to boost your online presence with our services like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Online Advertising (PPC.) Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like any of these extra services.

  • Optimal User Experience

    The user experience should be one of the main forces driving a website. A great user journey and experience will help to boost the likelihood of the customer converting. This means increased business and sales. It also means the user is more likely to use your services again.

  • Faster Site

    It has been proven that slow loading sites greatly increase bounce rate. Customers simply get bored of waiting for it to load and may move on to a competitor. We understand the effect of slow-loading sites so ensure your website is the fastest it can be. We use methods to reduce the issues that may cause it to be slow. A fast site promotes a better user experience for clients who will then be encouraged to convert.

What Types of Sites Can We Design?

  • E-commerce Sites

    Our Basingstoke web designers and developers are experienced with various e-commerce packages, plugins and Content Management Systems. We will develop an e-commerce website which is easy to use and navigate, highlighting your products and USP’s to convert users to paying clients.

  • Service-based Sites

    Our team can help with brand and service exposures. We can highlight to future clients who you are and what you do. Our web designers are well versed in this field and can design a site that will maximise the potential of converting clients.

  • Magento Sites

    Magento is a powerful platform that is used to streamline your online sales experience. Our Basingstoke web design experts can develop a Magento website to boost your traffic and sales.

  • WordPress Sites

    At boxChilli, our specialists use strong and fast technology to create a bespoke website, tailored exactly to your requirements through WordPress. Around 750,000,000 websites are currently using WordPress so the numbers speak for themselves.


We have worked with many different sectors, including healthcare, charities, construction, hospitality and events management, HR, IT, law, marketing, retail, and many others. We are dedicated to giving professional advice to clients to ensure bespoke websites are created. We strive to boost leads, purchases and any other goals our clients want. Get in touch today if you are ready to grow your online business with our Basingstoke based team.

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