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Why Use a Google Ads Agency?

Increase sales, enquiries, traffic and branding for your website with Google’s range of Pay Per Click marketing products.

Google’s paid channel Adwords, became Google Ads in 2018, encompassing a greater range of products.

Google Ads can be used to promote your business on a multitude of channels now.

Search is available on the Google search engine, partners sites, shopping and maps.

Display ads can be used to get your ads in front of a wide range of audiences now, from default groups created by Google to custom made ideas, email lists or visitors to your site.

Video ads can be used to increase branding, engagement and getting people interested in your products.

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Google Ads Agency

Google Search Ads

Adwords was Google’s first advertising product and, despite being subsumed into Google Ads, are still their most profitable venture.

Search works on showing your advertisement in the Google search engine results page(s) or SERPS to people who have searched for certain things that you had specified.

This means that you are getting your ad in front of people when they are searching and therefore much more likely to buy.

As an example, you could bid on the keyword “red ladies’ shoes”, which will show your ad when people are looking for red ladies’ shoes and you’ll send them to your red ladies’ shoes category page. You will then be charged a sum of money up to a maximum that you specify you are willing to pay for a click.

You will also be able to set a budget for the maximum you are willing to spend in a day, so that you can’t spend more than you wish.

There are a lot of intricacies of Google search advertising, that if you optimise well, you can improve the position of the ad and reduce the spend.

Google Ads

Google partner programme

boxChilli is a proud member of the Google Partner Programme, which means that we meet the criteria that Google states a PPC agency needs to meet before they will approve them.

  • All team members need to be certified. Exams occur on an annual basis.
  • We need to exceed a minimum level of managed spend.
  • Levels of performance need to improve on our managed accounts.


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