Public Relations Marketing Services

Improve your ROI with bespoke PR and marketing solutions tailored to your brand identity.

The accessibility of modern marketing tools has made today’s business arena a very congested place. If a modern marketing plan doesn’t incorporate elements of public relations then it can be very difficult for a brand to stand out from the thousands of competitors on the same platforms publishing similar content. Despite the cluttered landscape, your online presence is vital for your overall marketing.

Under the strategic direction of boxChilli PR & Marketing Director Alexandra Pinhorn – previously Managing Director of Magellan PR – we can help to devise a clear and defined, yet savvy and creative, marketing and PR programme ensuring your business stands out.

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What is PR Marketing?

Public Relations Marketing considers the front-facing perception of your brand by planning your tone-of-voice, community outreach, events, media, and more.

Public Relations Marketing starts with a very wide ‘field of view’ on your brand as a whole. A well-structured PR strategy can tap into nearly every aspect of a business, from leveraging the founder’s backstory into a more marketable USP, to considering the customer events you should conduct within your industry, to the nitty gritty of whether your social media platforms should use emojis or not. PR can be referred to as Digital PR or Traditional PR, which both have their benefits in the world of Digital Marketing. You can learn more about why digital marketing is important on on the boxChilli blog.

Offering a full range of digital marketing services, boxChilli are proud to be one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Hampshire thriving on the success of our clients. boxChilli is a Google Partner trusted by over 1,000 businesses, and we have achieved this by using the tools listed below to develop full-suite digital marketing campaigns that fit your brand, your industry, and your customers. Being a full-service digital marketing agency, we deliver services ranging from web design & development to SEO & PPC Campaigns and social media management, throughout Portsmouth and Hampshire.

  • Stand out from the Crowd

    boxChilli creates your brand, look, feel, and ethos using keywords and phrases. Once your brand guidelines are created, we’ll build your marketing and PR campaign around this central core. This ensures that we offer a targeted and homogenous approach to your outreach.

  • Seamless PR Integration

    Any sales and marketing campaign can be seamlessly integrated into a wider digital marketing, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and public relations outreach utilising the skill set of the entire boxChilli team.

  • Full Public Relations Suite

    Website development, brand enrichment, product launches, logo development, photo and video shoots, brochure production from concept to fruition, direct mail outreach, design assistance – boxChilli can help with every aspect of the promotional spectrum.

Media Strategies and Campaigns

We use a host of different PR tools to achieve our marketing goals and often, several are combined within a strategic plan.

As opposed to one standalone activity, PR is a wide web of several important directives such as social media marketing and sometimes bespoke web design. In addition to getting creative with brand messaging internally, your wider PR strategy could also include extra PR outreach and new story pitching for individual projects.

  • Media Auditing and Strategy Provision

    One of the first steps for our PR strategy is to analyse your existing media. Once your wider PR strategy is confirmed, boxChilli can then provide more photography and imagery to fit your platforms.

  • Copywriting and Content Provision

    Press releases, communiques, newsletters, and more can be written by our team of PR specialists at boxChilli’s and approved by you.

  • Influencer Outreach

    The boxChilli industry liaison can find you the right affiliate for your brand. Third-party promotion of your messaging can be a very effective PR tool.

  • Social Media Management

    Our PR team has expertise to manage your entire social media marketing output, from tagging collaborator accounts on the right platforms, to following-up with comments and messages.

Branding and PR

boxChilli’s in house branding and PR experts can bring your brand to life. 

We combine imagination with a deep understanding of the industry and rigorous process, to deliver the strongest ROI every time. Our experienced brand consultants will help you define your brand’s identity and direction – along with the smartest and fastest way to get you where you want to be. Being a full-service marketing agency, we work on every aspect of your branding including websites, print & design, digital marketing and public relations.

  • Creativity with Direction

    Our creativity is driven by your objectives and while we enjoy exploring the innovative, challenging and unexpected, we never neglect conventional methods.

  • Defining your Identity

    We provide you with a well-defined and executed multi-channel brand strategy designed to engage your target audience. This could start with a few simple tweaks of your existing website.

  • Sharing your Story within your Marketing

    boxChilli’s in house experts know how to bring brands to life with compelling storylines personalised to resonate with your target audiences across all channels. We provide a creative, forward-thinking, and fresh approach to all our projects.

  • The Venues Collection

    SEO brings a 392% increase in organic users to the site

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    increased traffic for hospitality client
  • London Bridge Hotel

    £1,150,000 in conversions from social media traffic

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    London bridge hotel increase revenue due to social media marketing

Long Term PR Strategy

Our plans are presented as a detailed, working document, which is designed to be delivered by you, with optional support from the team at boxChilli.

boxChilli create social media strategies which harness the strengths of your organisation, coordinate participants, tools and collaborators, establish consistent brand activities and deliver successful campaigns. These can come from a long term collaboration with us or using our digital marketing consultancy service.

Each tailored plan includes guidelines for each channel, schedule of activities to coordinate participants and procedures for elements such as content production, customer service, Influencer collaborations and advertising campaigns.

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Social Media

boxChilli offers a range of services from consultancy, to strategy creation, training, social media PPC and social media management.

Social Media Management

boxChilli offer bespoke social media marketing management, tailored to your organisations needs and objectives.

Social Media Training

boxChilli provide a number of social media training options, ranging from individual training planned around your brands particular requirements, to group training sessions that take an in-depth look at each platform and how to use it.

  • Tailored to your Business

    In a crowded landscape effective social media management is key in successfully marketing your brand. At boxChilli we help you get to grips with the jargon and really drill down on what the strategically right path is to generate the best ROI. Ensuring the right fit for your budget and objectives.

  • Social Media Audit

    Firstly, we sit with you to establish your goals, we then undertake an audit to establish a benchmark for current activity and engagement.

  • Strategy Development

    Our next step is to create a strategy – establishing optimum publishing times, content volume, tone of voice, and which platforms you need to be on (including setting them up if necessary).

  • Incorporating with your Workflow

    From here, we create content designed for each platform, highlighting any areas that we will need input from your select social media ambassador.

PR Consultancy

Working directly with social media managers boxChilli supports companies with strategic and practical guidance, to drive return on investment.

Social media strategist Alexandra Pinhorn – formally of Magellan PR – brings a wealth of experience to boxChilli and is integral in the creation of bespoke consultancy packages. By first understanding the aims and assets of your organisation, Alexandra will advise on the most effective strategic approach, suggest new tools and drive integration across the digital marketing mix. We offer PR and digital marketing training bespoke to your situation.

We’re eager to consult on any aspect of PR marketing, from foundation-level ‘rules’ for your overall tone-of-voice, to avoiding the pitfalls of navigating difficult political occasions.

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PR and Event Planning

From opening a restaurant to launching a product to sales showcases, a well-planned event plays a strategically important role within your sales and marketing plan.

We will work with you to produce an on-budget event that is appropriate for your objectives and target audience. Events carry an extra element of ‘life’ that simple on-screen marketing doesn’t, which is why it pays to work with an experienced event planner such as boxChilli. We ensure that your same brand story in your digital marketing is breathed into your event too.

  • Experienced Event Planners

    boxChilli provides a safe pair of hands to ensure that any event, showcase, press lunch or product launch is professionally managed to achieve the best return on investment.

  • In-House Experts

    With an in-house team of designers, content creators, PR specialist and event managers, boxChilli have the creative expertise to ensure popular and innovative “don’t miss” events.

  • Full Communication

    boxChilli will micro-manage your event from concept to gift bag and beyond, liaising with you to ensure it’s on-brand and the required outcome is achieved.