Website spring clean

The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom and the clocks will spring forward at the end of the month. We all know this time of year is a great opportunity to do a little spring cleaning, so why not take this opportunity to refresh and revive your business’s website?

Need a little help on where to start? Here are our top ten tips for spring cleaning your website.

1 – Are your plugins up to date?

Now is a great time to make sure that your website’s CRM is running the latest version and all the plugins are up to date. WordPress and Magento release a number of security patches throughout the year and it is essential that you keep up with these.

2 – Update Content and Information

What’s new, who’s new and did you last put out news in 2019? Now is a great time to not only make sure the backend is running the latest version, but that your public persona is up to date too. Take a look at your website and ask, does it tell the world who we are and what we do?

Website spring clean

3 – Test Out the Website’s Usability

Is your website easy to navigate and do all the internal links work? Did you know that 301s and 404s can negatively impact on your Google rankings? How fast is your website on desktop and mobile, do your images need optimising? You could be seriously damaging your visibility.

4 – Can people reach you?

Another reason you might be missing out on sales is that people can’t reach you. Are the contact forms working on your website, are they getting stuck in your junk folder?

5 – do you have enough calls to action

Are the calls to action (CTA) of each page of your website obvious and clear? If it isn’t noticeable or clear, website visitors won’t know what action to take which can lead to missed conversions, purchases and e-newsletter subscriptions.

Website spring clean

6 – Domain Name and Hosting

You must make sure the payment details are correct. Your website needs active hosting and Domaine. If these go down it could be 48 hours before your website is back up and running.

7 – Is your site secure?

SSL (the padlock) need renewing every year, you need this to prove to Google that your website is safe. Without this, people may be blocked from going on your website.

8 – Crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s

Are your policies up to date, you should have a privacy and cookie policy, as well as terms and conditions if your sell anything from your website. Have you checked your returns policy? Lastly, did you update the copyright in January?

Website spring clean

9 and 10 – Analytics and Digital Marketing  

When was the last time you checked your Google Analytics to check for bounce rates and spam? Have you revised your digital marketing strategy in line with the latest algorithm change? When was the last time you thought about how best to use your website?

If you think it’s time to give your website a digital marketing spring clean, why not call one of our team today on 02392 822 377 and ask for your free one-hour digital marketing strategy.

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