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Pros and cons of “off-the-shelf” eCommerce platforms

When getting a new eCommerce website or revamping your current eCommerce site, you will need to consider the type of eCommerce platform you will use. You can get an "off-the-shelf" one or you can opt to have one developed for you. Both opti...


Benefits of Google Optimize for your website

Google Optimize is a fantastic tool for testing ways to improve your website and gain more conversions from your customers. Find out more about the tool and how it can help your website and business. What is Google Optimize? Google Optimi...


January 23rd 2020 Featured Snippet Update

Coming off the heels of the Google Core Update, is the update to the featured snippets. The featured snippets themselves haven't really changed but what is below them has. Traditionally, there would be a second link for the same page somewh...


What is smart bidding and how can I use it within my business?

Google Ads' Smart Bidding is a popular topic of conversation in the world of advertising, particularly Pay Per Click advertising - and for good reason. More and more processes these days are becoming automated or are using machine learning ...


What you need to know about the January 2020 Core Google Update

Core Updates are often accompanied by a flurry of activity but it is always important to know what they are and what to do after them so that you avoid taking the wrong actions. Below we discuss Core Updates and what they could mean for you...


Brighton SEO Keynote Speaker 2020

What and when is Brighton SEO? Brighton SEO is a fantastic conference held in, you guessed it, Brighton. It's a great chance for SEO specialists, digital marketers and other industry workers to improve their skills. The conference is an op...


How to work with influencers

Influencer marketing has become huge over the last few years. When social media usage skyrocketed, users began to connect with online personalities from fashion to gym bloggers. The majority of people have a few influencers who they avidly ...


How to use Google Analytics to gain insight

Google Analytics is a great way to understand how your website is performing and how well it's optimised for search and user experience. It can also give an indication of how well your other marketing activities are working in driving traff...


6 upcoming marketing trends in 2020

The beginning of a new decade also means another year of marketing trends to look out for. Within the last ten years, digital marketing has made a massive impact on the world as well as developing a lot. In order to keep up with the indust...


The Christmas ad that isn’t trying to sell you anything

With the festive period just around the corner, heartwarming Christmas adverts are being created and shared everywhere. Everyone from John Lewis & Partners to Coca Cola embraces our desire for a wholesome, tear-jerker of an advert and d...


10 Instagram posts that defined the decade?

In its 9 active years, Instagram has grown to immense proportions. Beginning as a simple platform to share photos it now boasts over a billion users worldwide who spend hours posting, commenting and liking. Like other social platforms such ...


Black Friday marketing strategies for 2019

Black Friday Marketing With Black Friday around the corner, Christmas shopping and compulsive purchases will be rife. Although the frantic fighting over half-price items isn't altogether true for most people, it is correct that the sales w...