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How landing pages make – or cost you – sales

What’s the most annoying link you clicked this week? You may not be able to remember, but chances are you were looking for something fairly straightforward – a train time, a new pair of running shoes, the height of Everest… - and clic...


Keep business social media working for you – not against you

Every company needs a social media account yet everyday the media reports another rude tweet or racist Facebook post. For both employees and business owners alike, finding the balance between being sociable, chatty and engaging and not putt...


Effective strategies you should be using in your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is still an essential part of marketing campaigns and is being used readily by many companies all over the world. However, some businesses believe that they aren’t very useful as more people are just deleting or ignoring t...


Facebook is focussing on family – where does that leave your business?

Your Facebook news feed is changing. Users will now see more updates from their friends and family and fewer updates from pages. This is great news for many users of the social network, but potentially terrible news for businesses, particul...


Social Media trends you should be looking out for in 2018

2018 is here and it is time to start thinking about your social media marketing strategy. Here are a few social media trends that we are expecting to be big this year and to keep ahead of the game you should be incorporating into your plan....


Beat the January slump with great marketing ideas

The holiday season isn’t just exciting for little kids – for many businesses it’s the busiest, most profitable time of the year. Just a few days later, January starts and it’s often bleak, cold and grey – that is, when a lack of s...


Creating effective B2B social media strategies

With most advice targeted at B2C users, how to create an effective social media strategy as a B2B company is a puzzle for many firms. At boxChilli we work with firms of all kinds, and below are some of the tips we’ve used time and again t...


What’s above the fold on your website?

Websites are now often an endless field of text, images and ads, so why is the content that appears ‘above the fold’ so important? And what is the fold online anyway? While the terminology might seem out of date, websites still rise and...


New year, New company – Marketing resolutions you should be sticking to this year

  The start of a new year is the perfect time to start looking at new resolutions to uptake for your company, in particular in marketing. Here are our top 5 resolution recommendations to stick to in 2018.   More Video Vi...


Festive campaigns that build up Christmas

  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, with every ad you show… maybe it’s because we’re a marketing agency, but the office agrees that it’s not really Christmas until you’ve seen the Coca-Cola and John Lewis Christ...


How AI is changing Marketing but why we should remain wary

Artificial intelligence (AI) hasn’t been around for that long, but is already being used all around us and is employed in a variety of industries including marketing. So, how is AI changing marketing and is it always good to use? Persona...


We’re hiring! Senior Web Developer required.

We are looking for a Senior Web Developer to join our busy agency. The business is growing rapidly at present so there will be progression opportunities, plus the chance to work in one of the leading internet marketing agencies on the So...