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Animation: the marketing boost you’ve been looking for

In our digitally-driven world, it’s harder than ever to capture your audience’s attention. Small businesses find themselves competing with the multi-million-pound marketing teams run by the multinational giants, and it can seem overwhel...


Will Samsung survive? Why businesses rebrand.

Building a business is not an easy accomplishment, and building a successful one is even harder. So why after achieving the desired status, do many businesses opt for a rebrand? After having spent years curating the perfect a brand image, s...


How did Pepsi get it so wrong?

Modern day media is one of the world’s most powerful platforms. It allows anyone to share, tweet and post any opinion they have, bringing issues and inequalities to mainstream attention.  This has led to an increased awareness of the iss...


Is there any truth to the consultant stereotypes?

Consultancy as an industry and a profession has been gaining recognition over the last decade, yet what most people don’t realise is that consulting is an old-time practice that dates back throughout business. Since it was first introduce...


#MarketingMoments throughout history that made marketing the industry it is today

Marketing is an industry that is never standing still, and the aftershocks of each campaign are reaching more and more audiences every day. New campaigns are coming out into the world at an exceeding rate, each more calculated and creative ...


WORK WITH US! Now Hiring for a Digital Marketing Placement

boxChilli, a digital marketing, and web design agency in Hampshire is looking for a placement student to join our Digital Marketing team - ideal for anyone undertaking a degree that allows for a years work placement/sandwich course. Our SEO...


Google SEO services – what you need to know

Google dominates the online search world. Estimates suggest that up to 90% of mobile searches and up to 65% of all internet searches are run through Google so being a top result in the Google search table can make or break your company. Whi...


Why video is taking over the web

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is truly priceless. A short clip, even just 20 seconds long, can rapidly communicate a vast range of information and directly increase sales. As computer aided design and digital media make vide...


What is a consultant, and why do you need one?

What can a consultant do for you and your business? Modern day businesses have never had it harder, yet easier at the same time. The market is saturated with business from all industries, which can sometimes make it difficult for businesse...


Nintendo are about to Switch it up

Across the last few decades Nintendo has built itself a reputation as one of the leading figures in the video gaming industry, however it originally specialised in playing cards when it was founded in Japan in 1889. The native playing cards...


What the web will look like in 2017?

As a Portsmouth web design and marketing company, we’re always looking ahead to try to spot how the web will change so we can protect our customers from storm surges and help them ride the biggest waves. Just for fun, here are a few of ou...


Modern Marketing

What goes into a successful marketing strategy? Twenty or thirty years ago you could put an add in a trade directory and your local paper and that would be enough for a lot of small businesses. Today, a successful marketing strategy needs ...