SEO experts develop SEO techniques

New SEO techniques are being developed by various companies and agencies that deal with search engine optimization. There are numerous businesses that specialize in a broad range of SEO techniques, mainly for the reason that web designers and web developers simply don’t often appreciate how important it is. Often, SEO groups will have a dedicated team of research and development experts. As SEO changes due to the weight placed on various metrics by the search engines, so too do SEO techniques.

Experimentation can take the form of strategy and development phases or work can be carried out in real terms, using genuine web sites of client businesses. Either way, a wealth of data pertaining to SEO techniques can be found. The most effective of SEO strategies can be applied to clients’ sites and web presences.

Some of the research being conducted by SEO experts today includes monitoring the ranking of imagery on Google Images and the penalizing of content that has been duplicated from elsewhere on the Web.

Another area of research pertains to the bounce factor involved in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Search engines can respond to a web surfer bouncing out of a web site after going into it. For example, a user will arrive from Google onto a web page, and then hit the back button to return to Google rather than remaining on the site. How much weight any of the search giants place on this bounce rate is something that needs to be looked at – and this weighting may change over time. Penalizing a web site for a high bounce rate in the search engine listings is not uncommon. The keywords will obviously differ when it comes to a web page’s bounce rate. However, SEO techniques that manipulate rankings will have to take on board web site content in ways that are not often seen: The retention of site visitors is more significant than it was in the past. One SEO technique to reduce bounce rate in this way may be to provide site visitors with links to interesting offsite content so that the visitor does not bounce back to the search engine’s results page in the first place.

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