Don’t waste a beautiful site with bad SEO

So you’ve made the jump and put your business online. The small infant of an idea you have built and nurtured into a successful company has now been set free for all to see on the world wide web. Maybe you’ve had someone make you a beautiful, all singing all dancing website to show off your hard work, or maybe you’ve done it yourself. Either way you are happy with the resulting loveliness that will now represent your business on the internet. Days, weeks, maybe months later however you notice that far from opening up a whole new customer base, your site has gone unnoticed among the white noise that is the mass of information available at the click of a mouse.

You’ve done nothing wrong. Your site is just as lovely as you think. It’s just that people can’t find it.

This is a common problem for those just branching out to internet marketing. As Google favours older sites with more content, those who are just starting out often get buried under seemingly less relevant sites. The solution is keeping your site updated and a good SEO strategy that keeps up with the ever changing algorithms of the search engines. Here at boxChilli we work to ensure all our SEO clients are achieving the results they desire and that their site is being found as much as possible in order to grow their businesses. The marketplace is very different than 10 years ago and half the battle is being found amidst your competitors. Therefore doing all you can to make sure your name is top of the list and the first brand people think of is of huge commercial importance and should be a consideration for all businesses.

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