What Makes a Good Website

We’ve been thinking here at boxChilli about what makes a good website. Your company’s website is a vital interface between you and your customers. Web design done right can convert a passing interest into a sale, but done wrong it can turn your customers off, and they may not return. 

It’s easy for those who spend all day looking at google analytics, websites and social media to say what makes a good website and what doesn’t. Explaining why certain things work is a much tougher task. There seem to be a few key points that make a good website.

What Makes a Good Website? Our 3 Top Tips

1. The Ease of Navigation

Top of our list for what makes a good website is the ease of navigation. This is vital to any site that wants to convert visitors to customers. Once on a site, to enhance user experience the user wants to be able to find what they need quickly and easily with the least amount of clicks possible. This can be done by creating eye-catching calls to action and easy navigation.

The most common way of achieving this is the use of tabs and drop-down menus that are clearly labelled. Finding out what the typical visitor to your site is looking for is vital to this process.

2. Clean and Uncluttered Layout 

Hand-in-hand with this is a clean and uncluttered layout. More than one or two visual entry points on a page cause confusion and make the site difficult to engage with. Simplicity and functionality need not mean compromising good website design and visual appeal for your target audience Using space wisely with the right amount of colour, legible text sizes and divisions of the page gives an effective design without being shouty and off-putting.

3. Make Great Content!

Once the site is looking perfect there is still one hurdle where many sites fall down when it comes to making a good website, and that’s high-quality content. The purpose of a site is to give potential customers more personal information than they came to the site with, in order to make a decision or purchase. There is little point in making an aesthetically pleasing and memorable site if it doesn’t deliver your message effectively through blog posts and effective keyword research. 

How to Make a Good Website

  1. The Ease of Navigation
  2. Clean and Uncluttered Layout
  3. Make Great Content

Getting the balance of all of these aspects is the key to making a good website. Here at boxChilli, we work hard to make your site “just work” by offering website design, development, and website support as well as many other digital marketing services so you don’t have to think about why.

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