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When you are investing time and money in your online marketing campaigns, it is crucial to identify just what is performing well for you and what is not maximising your energy and money.

Here at boxChilli media, we are experts in implementing, monitoring and interpreting various website analytics and statistics packages for your website / online marketing campaigns.

Once implemented you can have real-time access to the statistics of your website which will display the following results:

* Number of visitors and impressions per hour / day / week / month / year
* New vs Returning visitors
* Top Referring Sources
* Goal conversions showing visitors who make it to certain points in your site
* Site Overlay displaying popular links and where conversions arrive from
* Full multiple conversion tracking to enquiry form, checkout or designated pages
* Visitor Loyalty
* Geographic location of visitors
* Top Referring keywords, broken down by search engine
* Full integration with your Google Adwords campaign
* Full e-commerce integration to prove exact cost per conversion against revenue gained
* Top Content Pages
* Top Entry and Exit pages
* …..and much more

It is important to remember that getting statistics is all well and good but interpreting them and using results to your advantage is essential. At boxChilli media, as web analytics consultants, we have years of experience in monitoring trends, problems, improvement areas and much more within your website. Equipped with this experience and data we are fully prepared to enhance your return on investment to its full potential.

We insist on analytics being used with your website for any online marketing campaign.

In addition to standard tracking, analytics we offer some new and exciting tools which will aid your conversions and help you understand how your customers use your site. Tools such as live help are an integrated tool which provides you a text-based communication with each visitor without the need for a phone call. With these tools, you can see at any point in real-time what page a customer is on, how long they’ve been on it, where they came from and what else they’ve looked at. Once engaged in conversation you can even manipulate the visitor’s web browser to take them to new pages which show the products they actually need – this has proven extremely powerful as a tool for every business who has used this service.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for analytics and tracking or would like to know how we can help your business call us on 0845 388 1478

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