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If your business isn’t already utilising LinkedIn, it should be

With around 500 million users, LinkedIn allows users and companies to connect with potential customers and business partners, recruit and look for jobs, as well as post relevant content. LinkedIn can be very useful for a company and here ar...


6 essential tips for creating your new logo

The right logo can boost sales, increase company visibility and make you memorable. But how do you find it? At boxChilli we work with small, medium and large businesses improving their branding and sales through creative marketing, excellen...


Should I bother with an online shop?

A simple definition of eCommerce is the purchase and sale of goods/services online. According to recent research, 21-40% of a business’s revenue now comes from eCommerce, with that number expected to increase rapidly over the next few yea...


5 ways the GDPR will affect your marketing

From Scouts group leaders to Coca Cola’s marketing department, everyone who manages a mailing list, sends out digital marketing materials or cold-contacts possible customers will be affected by the new 2018 data protection legislation. Th...


4 reasons why Mobile Apps are successful

The average UK adult spends approx. 2 hours 29 minutes a day on smart devices, with 85% of that time being spent using Apps. It’s no wonder companies are utilising these stats creating Apps to promote their business. Improved technology m...


Facebook Commerce. Are you missing out?

With the number of monthly users nearly hitting 2 billion, Facebook is the most popular social media website, with 1.3 billion people using it daily. Facebook allows you to create pages for businesses and organisations, and with the large q...


Work Experience at boxChilli, Waterlooville

The boxChilli doors have always been open for work-experience students. It's a pleasure to offer school children the opportunity to get involved in the studio, and become immersed in a working environment. This year one of our work experien...


The new 2018 Data Protection Legislation: Email marketing is about to change in a big way

  In April 2016, the European Parliament passed Regulation (EU) 2016/679. This is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it’s going to have a massive impact on how we store and use data. We’ll be exploring some of the...


What is Voice Search SEO and how can you optimise it?

  A whole new SEO... We’ve all been there, asking our phones, ‘What will the weather be like today?’ or ‘Remind me to finish my uni essay’, but just how much more are we using voice search in our everyday lives? Apparen...



MD Anders teams with Paysa to talk about the current state of the digital marketing and web design industries, as well as what he looks for in potential employees. From digital predications to how to stop staff from jumping ship; "Rig...


Could your website be damaging your business?

  It may be hard to imagine, particularly if it’s bringing in sales, but your website may be damaging your business: you may not only be missing sales but turning potential customers into detractors who actively recommend friends ...


What is Baffit?

Do you love posting and seeing ‘before and after’ photos on social media sites? Do you wish it was easier to upload, share and store these images all in one place without all the clutter you usually see on other sites? Welcome to Baffit...