How to Recognise and Avoid Content Marketing Mistakes

In the day and age where ‘Content is King’, it can be very tricky to develop perfect content that will get your message across and connect to your audience. There are many things to be mindful of when writing content such as audience and spelling/grammar among others, and getting these wrong could mean disaster. Here are some tips that will help you avoid content marketing mistakes;

Plan Ahead

Launching yourself into writing is a bad idea from the get go. If your content has no objective, or reason, your audience will lose interest instantly. Developing a plan around an idea, what you want to say and a reason for saying it will help in the long run e.g. “Why am I writing this? Who is my audience? What do I want to say to them? What do I want them to remember? What do I want them to do?”

Less is More

When writing, some people think that the more content there is, the better. You can end up writing 500 words for your main page and the standard of that content could be terrible. Avoid writing too much, if your audience cannot scan the content and find the message, they could get bored. Make sure that your content is concise and short, think ‘Quality over Quantity’ instead of the other way around.

Keep your Tone Consistent

Swapping between tones could be confusing for your audience. Jumping between a serious and a friendly tone can throw the reader off. Having a consistent voice in your content will ensure that you have that memorable connection to your audience.

Efficient SEO

Ensuring that your content is fit for SEO is a huge benefit. Proper keyword research will make sure that you are using the right keywords that your audience will look for. You should also avoid stuffing your content with too many keywords (remember, quality over quantity!)

Promote your Content

Content that isn’t seen is hardly worth writing. Using the right social media channels to promote your content will get it seen and increase the amount of traffic. Using the right social media tool will be an advantage.

Integrate other Forms of Media

While content is key and is vitally important, so is keeping your content fresh. If you blog, avoid sticking to one format, churning out blog after blog may become boring after a while. Integrate other forms of media into your content to keep the interest of your readers.

Avoid being too Salesy

Most readers will know when they’re being pitched too. Develop your content aimed at the reader rather than focused around your service and your product. Engage your audience, highlight their concerns and questions.

Create a Call to Action

After writing your perfect content, you will want your reader to do something. You’ve spent so much time persuading them, now you need them to take action. You need to generate interest and a simple “Call us today to find out more” will do the trick.

So here’s a perfect example of the last point:

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