4 Ways to Decorate your Website for Christmas

Give Your Website  a Christmas Twist

We wouldn’t want your web development team to feel left out when you’re decorating the office for Christmas, so while you’re wrapping tinsel around your monitor, why not ask if they can dress up your website, too? We’ve listed four fun ways to give your website a bit of holiday bling.

It should go without saying that it’s important to be culturally sensitive, so if you’re the only one in the office celebrating a holiday or your clients aren’t interested in Christmas (perhaps because they’re Muslim – or perhaps because you’re a B2B supplier) then you may have to give this one a miss.

1. Change your Header

The header is the top section of a webpage. It usually features the name of the company and the website navigation. It’s often got a large image behind these things, which can be a great place to spread a little holiday cheer. Just make sure you check with your web development team and use an image that’s the right size and shape – a distorted, triple-wide Santa or half a reindeer might not convey the message you had in mind!

2. Spruce up your Logo

A subtle way to show you’re celebrating is to add a spring of holly or a bit of tinsel to your logo. It’s best to ask a professional graphic designer to do the work for you, as otherwise it can look decidedly odd! Graphic design work like this is often very affordable, so you may find that dressing up your logo is cheaper than decorating the office!

While you’re at it, why not think of a few other holidays your company celebrates or causes you want to show your support for? The designer can do them all at once, and you can reuse the decorations year after year.

3. Add a Christmas Story to your Carousel

Carousels are a hot trend in web development – we’ve even got one on the Box Chilli homepage. Like the fairground ride, website carousels rotate. Instead of dancing ponies, they show different news stories or bits of company information. Ours tells you about our services. Carousels typically feature an image and a story, often drawn from your blog or news section, so they’re a great place to add a temporary bit of tinsel.

4. Tell the World About your Christmas Plans

We don’t mean your personal plans though! Write a blog post, news item or social media update sharing what your company is doing to celebrate the holidays. Having a Christmas party? Supporting a charity during the giving season? Even if you’re just posting your holiday opening and closing times, it’s easy to add a festive photo and some good wishes. Your customers will be interested – particularly if you’re closing between Christmas and New Year, as they’ll need to plan for the gap.

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