Running a Facebook page made easy

As Facebook has over a billion users and creating a Facebook page for your business is free, it seems daft not to.But what next? An out-of-date page or one with little info can actually be a turn off for customers. Follow our tips below to avoid turning this great digital marketing tool into a dead weight.

1. Decide how you’re going to handle comments

From your customer’s point of view, a Facebook page isn’t somewhere they come to view your advertising: it’s somewhere they come to get in touch with you. Responding to comments (positive and negative) will help your page grow. Decide who will do it and how often (daily is best) and make sure it happens.

2. Be realistic about how much time you have

No one part of your digital marketing strategy should dominate. Assess how much time you have to devote to Facebook, and set appropriate goals. Aim to update the page at least once a week. This might mean mentioning a new product, a great deal or something interesting happening in your industry. Posts can be really short: two sentences and a link is fine.

3. You don’t have to post live

Schedule posts ahead of time with a tool like HootSuite, and they’ll appear automatically on the day. You can manage several social networking sites from the same account, so you can easily coordinate a marketing campaign across various media.

4. Make it worthwhile

Give the people who follow your page a reason to do so. Post neat offers before they go live on your site, ask for feedback or show previews of new products. Share your success stories, post photos of completed projects, wish people a happy holiday and ‘like’ positive comments. Small things make people smile but stay professional.

5. Use automated alerts

Most pages new won’t get a comment every day, or even every week. Set an automated alert up, and you’ll be able to respond to comments quickly, without having to check the page every day. Don’t automate your responses, though. People are quick to spot a generic email, and it doesn’t make anyone happy to be fobbed off!

6. Make it part of your job description

In both large enterprises and small start-ups, this kind of viral digital marketing often slips between the cracks. Decide whose job is to handle Facebook. If it’s your job, make space for it in your calendar and schedule it in. A 30-minute slot on a slow Tuesday can make a big difference.

7. Call in the professionals

If you want it done right and regularly, we can help. At BoxChilli Facebook is just one of the sites we cover as part of our digital marketing and social networking packages. Our experts will create the right package for your sector, allowing you to focus on your company’s core business.

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