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Which social media channels should your business be using

You absolutely should grab your brand name on every social media channel you can think of, but you absolutely shouldn’t try to keep up with and post regularly on all of them. Trying to stay current on too many social media channels can wa...


What to expect from a “new website project”

In order to gain a true understanding of the marketing industry, my university course requires me to undertake work experience alongside my studies. boxChilli offered a week, during which I shadowed individuals within the agency. This allow...


How VR is changing the game

  Even though Virtual Reality is a relatively new concept to the general public it is becoming more readily available to many. It’s most famously known for its use in gaming; creating a more interactive experience, letting the playe...


Has your brand changed since you created it? Is it time for a change? How to find out.

Your brand has changed – find out what you need to do to save it Many business owners call their company their baby, yet they never buy it new shoes. Just as kids quickly grow out of their toys and clothes in the early years, businesse...


What Marketers can learn from Labour’s general election campaign

  This year we saw Teresa May call a general election that shocked the nation, which accordingly led to the parties to begin their vital campaigns. Labour shook up the polls more than anticipated, and the role of marketing in that s...


How to create video content that will engage your customers

Why video is suddenly so important Video has been growing in popularity over the last decade, but a convergence of factors have given it a real boost that make it a stand-out trend for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in 2017. On...


What web developers do – and why you really, really need one

With so many DIY website tools available, business owners often ask us: why do I need a web developer? It’s easy to point to successful businesses and blogs that are built and run on free software. However, there are 3 important questions...


Why you need content marketing

Content marketing has made a case for itself over the last few years, and has established itself as a successful strategy that companies can utilize to gain customers. It has been widely accepted by the industry, so much so that the term is...


Gain More Customers With a Responsive Website

For some years now, there has been more internet traffic from mobiles compared to desktops. Developments in smartphone technology has enabled people to access whatever they want on the internet with just a few touches of a screen. People n...


Why your eCommerce store needs to be ready for mCommerce

In 2015, Ofcom announced that more Brits were browsing the web on their smartphones than any other device – laptops and desktops are officially old technologies. As with most new technological developments, it was hard to predict the impa...


Why Google AdWords are essential to your businesses

If you’ve been running a successful small business with a loyal local customer base, you may wonder if you need an online presence, and if so where to start. Once you’ve got your website up and running, Google AdWords is an excellent to...


7 ways to improve your email marketing today

Your mailing list is more important than you think. Hidden somewhere in that long list of email addresses are your best customers – the best customers you have today, and the ones who haven’t shopped with you yet but will be your top sp...