Starting your SEO journey

So you’ve got your site all set up, maybe it’s brand new, or maybe it’s been built for a while but it’s not getting the traffic it deserves.  Any point in a websites life is a good time to consider working on SEO to increase more views.  Whether you decide to go it alone and work on the SEO of your site for yourself, or if you decide to employ the help of an SEO agency like us, there are a few basic things you should be aware of.

Don’t expect too much too soon

SEO is a marathon not a sprint.  Starting work on an SEO campaign will not produce hundreds of visitors to your site overnight.  Good SEO will deliver results for a long time to come and the results therefore can take a while to bear fruit.

SEO is not witchcraft, there is no big secret

Inboxes across the globe are filled with emails from bots assuming to know where you rank for “your preferred search terms” and how many back links you have.  They then go on to make bold claims that they have the secret to SEO success and make big promises on delivery.  Every company will want to go after different key words and have different ideas on what they want to achieve with their SEO.  There is no one size fits all magic spell when it comes to this.

Put your visitors first

Don’t lose sight of who your readers are.  Writing just for SEO creates boring and repetitive content that people do not want to read.  If people don’t read it you lose them from the page and traffic doesn’t translate into sales.  Each Google update seems to focus more and more on content for humans and not crawlers so doing things with the user in mind actually works in your favour for SEO.

Link building cannot be done in a day

Link building must be ongoing.  There’s little point in creating hundreds of back links in one session then nothing for months.  Your competition may do less to begin with but by keeping at it they will overtake you just like the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race.

This is not a comprehensive list of what to expect on your SEO journey, but an idea of a few things to think about when beginning this block in your marketing tower.

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