5 Tips to Make your Blog Work for your Business

People expect to see new content whenever they visit your site. They want to know that your site is being regularly updated and maintained, as it gives them confidence that your products, prices and skills are up-to-date. Search engines also prioritise websites that are regularly updated, so fresh content is an important part of online marketing strategies making your business visible to new customers.

The obvious solution is to start a blog or news page for your business where you can post short articles. It’s easy to start a blog – boxChilli can set one up for you as part of our online marketing package – but what do you do next?

1. Post regularly

Unless you work in a particularly fast-paced industry or are providing news coverage, you don’t need to post every day. That said, it’s important to post regularly as a blog which hasn’t been updated for months can have a negative impact on sales, as it makes your site look like it is uncared for. Choose a day in the week to post, and write and schedule posts well ahead of time so you don’t get caught short.

2. Keep a tight focus

Choose topics that are directly linked to your business. News about your business, such as new products or lines you’re carrying, a new building, training scheme or award are great choices but you can also write about industry news that affects your business or customers. Customer questions are another good source of inspiration, and answering them effectively on your blog can have multiple benefits. Writing out a single, clear answer will allow you to respond to customer queries more effectively and it’s also a great online marketing tool – if your customers ask a question regularly, you can bet that other people are searching for the same answers.

3. Don’t steal pictures or words

While it may seem like everything is free online, copyright applies to amateur blogs and photographs just as it does to printed text and images in a newspaper or novel. It’s OK to quote a few lines of an article or link to another webpage or photo, but you shouldn’t use an entire article or image without the author’s permission. As well as being a violation of copyright law, search engines are on the look out for duplicate content as it’s often used by spammers and other unsavoury parties, so copying text can harm your online marketing efforts.

4. Hire a professional

Even the best writers produce better work with a good editor. An editor will improve a piece of writing, not just by correcting spelling mistakes but by removing extraneous words, creating a tighter piece that is easier to read. They can also ensure that key words and SEO meet your targets. At boxChilli, we offer editing and ghost writing as part of our affordable online marketing services, helping you make the most of your website without taking your time and focus away from your core business.

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