Measure twice, cut once

The key to great results for your web design is making sure from the very start that you are singing from the same hymn sheet as your web design agency.  You may have a clear vision of what you want your site to be like, but unfortunately no-one can see into your brain but you.  This means the key to success is in good communication from the word go.  Providing a thorough brief prevents a lot of back-and-forth later in the process saving both yours and your web designer’s time.  We will always endeavor to spend time with clients to make sure we understand exactly what they want, so they can be proud of the finished site.

Important things to consider when formulating a brief are:

Your business

You know your business inside out and will likely have an idea of how it should be represented.  Industry information, the history of the company, its values, who your customers and competitors are and any unique selling point are all great insights to share with us as they help us create a profile of your business and how it should be showcased online.

Your budget

This is a topic some people find difficult to discuss, but by being frank and upfront from the start it is much easier to find a package that suits your bracket from the offset.  Include time-frames in these discussions as you may have an idea of when you want your site to go live so making sure this is doable before starting will save a lot of deadline worries and stress.

What are your likes and dislikes

Look at other websites, what do you love about them?  What don’t you like so much and why?  Then discuss anything you’d really like to include in your site and we can work to these ideals.


Simply what do you want your website to do?  It could be to generate new business or become a new platform for sales as with eCommerce sites.  Let us know your aims and how you want your website to help you achieve these so we can best help you to do so.

We love to hear about new and existing business growth so drop us a line to discuss anything internet marketing related.

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