Accessibility matters

In the last blog post we mentioned how making sure you invest in the right areas is vital for your online marketing.  Getting your branding right and making sure people can find it and interact with it is vital.  A big part of this is the issue of accessibility.  You need to think about who’s going to be accessing your site and how.  There is an ever increasing number of platforms to consider when developing a site that is accessible to all.  Whether you want to make a mobile site or an app, iOS or Android, a flash site or pure text, there are a lot of decisions to make before even thinking about aesthetics.

Cross browser compatibility should really be the absolute minimum for a site.  Making a website that looks immaculate on Firefox is great, but if it looks a mess on other browsers then you alienate the rest of your audience who favor those.  A tweet from the Royal Mail the other day revealed that they, even as a big company do not do this and therefore cause themselves issues.  If privatised fully, this kind of issue would send customers to their competitors.  They stated that the site was not supported on Chrome or Safari.  As Chrome is said to be the most used browser and most Apple users use the default of Safari this oversight cuts off a lot of customers.  For the Royal Mail not having cross-browser compatibility is like saying they won’t deliver mail to those houses with red doors.  Don’t lose business to the opposition let everyone see just how beautiful your site can be.

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