Has marketing really changed that much?

An article popped up today entitled “25 things you’ll have to explain to your kids about marketing one day“.  Considering most view marketing as a constant this is an interesting concept, that enough will have changed to warrant explanation to future generations.  Since there has been business there has been marketing, be it word of mouth or fancy multi-media ad campaigns.  Unless you are lucky enough to set your business up right in the centre of an area of need then you need to promote it somehow.

The article covers some huge changes that have occurred even in recent years.  Using the yellow pages for searching for businesses seems archaic today, but was common practice until fairly recently.  Mobile and Internet technology has advanced so quickly and been adopted by the marketing world so readily that it’s hard to remember a time when it wasn’t the norm.

Internet marketing is now the biggest reaching marketing tool and email marketing has all but replaced direct marketing campaigns.  In such a fast moving environment it’s vital to keep up with the competition.  If your area of expertise lies outside the www then give us a call and we can help with your internet marketing.

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