Christmas Decorations for your Website

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – and not just in the high street. From Tesco to Coca-Cola to Country Living magazine to Google search, wherever you go online you’re likely to see decorations going up. You don’t need to be a web design professional to make your website sparkle for the holidays. We’ve got some tips and tricks to get you started.

We realise that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but most of the boxChilli office does, and we’ve had fun figuring out different ways to decorate websites for Christmas. Who says web design has to be boring? Or that your website should look the same all year? Not us!

Add a Festive Photo

Photos are usually easy to update, so if your web design team has included an image on your home page you can edit, you can replace it with a celebratory picture. While photos from your own business, or perhaps your team wearing Santa hats is ideal, you may prefer to buy in a photo from an agency. A professional shot of champagne glasses, baubles or holly can add a festive touch to your website and look really elegant at the same time.

Update your Blog or News Page

Everyone’s got one, it seems, but many companies don’t know what to write. Regular updates reassures visitors to your site that your company is still active and busy. It’s easy to add a little note to say you’re preparing for the Christmas season, perhaps with a picture of a festive product or your new window display.

Roll out a Special Offer

Everyone loves a bargain, and a themed special offer is a great way to make your web design do double duty. You’ll spot loads of these messages as you browse the internet. Special offers don’t have to be on obviously Christmas related items: we’ve seen ones for web hosting and double-glazing, neither of which fit in a stocking!

Change your Header

The header is the top of the website. It’s usually home to your business name or logo and the main site navigation. Many web designers back the header with an image, and this can be changed to show a festive photo or design. Some content management systems even allow you to set headers on timers, so you can have a different one for each season.

Put a Santa Hat on your Logo

Perhaps we’re getting a bit silly now, but the red and white hat is instantly recognisable and definitely festive. It’s usually best to get a professional graphic designer to do this sort of work, as it’s harder than it looks! Freelance graphic design services, like the ones we provide, will do this work for a very reasonable fee and once you’ve got a design you like, you can reuse it year after year.

Need a Helping Hand?

boxChilli are a professional web design firm. We offer a complete online service all year round. We can put a string of fairy lights across your website or design you a whole new one from the ground up, so if you’re looking for a change, please don’t hesitate to call.

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