7 Great Ways to use an App to Grow your Business

Smart phones are in almost every pocket. In Britain, over 70% of adults own a smart phone and a quarter of households own a tablet and the figures are rising rapidly. Apps will be key for many businesses in the next few years. Here are 7 ways to use an Android or iPhone app to grow your business.

1. Allow customers to make reservations or shop from their phone

More and more customers are shopping from their phones with many using their phones to choose a restaurant for the same night, or comparison shop while they’re in store. Make it easy for customers to choose you by letting them book online, direct from their phone. Create your own app or sign up to a service that does the hard work for you.

2. Advertise your products in other apps

Take advantage of successful apps by paying them to advertise your business. Choose appropriately, and you can target your demographic very accurately. Smart phone apps typically have a lot of data on tap, so you can focus on local, engaged potential customers.

3. Create your own app

Whether it’s a neat tool, a fun game or simply a practical click-and-book app, your own iPhone app or Android game can be a great tool. In addition, professional application developers will often provide white-label versions of their products, so you can have a branded game at a low price.

4. Fill a gap in the market

Think outside the box – does your town need an offline map app for iPhone? A local events calendar? A new app can be a great opportunity to provide a useful service and draw customers to your own business at the same time. Many apps are low maintenance, and run and run once they’ve been launched.

5. Reward your loyal customers

Even the simplest iPhone app can be used to push information to your customers. Make sure it’s information they want, by including new product info, great deals and unique offers.

6. Reach out to your customers

Get your name and your products or services out there, by uploading your content to popular apps. Many Android and iPhone apps feature a social or sharing component, so your content can go round the world. Images work best, so invest in some good quality shots then share them on Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, Facebook or whichever app is best for your industry.

7. Boost your own productivity

Generating sales leads is no use if you can’t follow up on them. Booking a new client is useless if you can’t find the address. If you own a smart phone, make it work for you. Set reminders for important tasks, download a map application, check your email on the go, and sync your calendars at home and the office, plus more.

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