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How to increase conversions with great landing pages

There are lots of reasons why your landing pages might not be converting so we have compiled a list of some issues and tips for redesigning your website or landing pages that can help to improve your conversion rate.   Go through t...


New Website for On-Site

One of our existing long term customers has just retained us to create another site for one of their group companies. This will be the 6th site we've designed and developed on behalf of the on-site group. This time for their new company - O...


STS Defence retain boxChilli for Website UX Design Review

We've just been retained by STS Defence to work on their website. Redeveloping the user journey, working on Conversion Rate Optimisation and reworking their entire content, as well as updating the design. STS Defence are specialists in m...


Compass Group Approved Digital Marketing Supplier

boxChilli are proud to announce that we have become an Approved Supplier to The Compass Group (the UK and Ireland’s No.1 catering and support services provider) for digital marketing and websites. We'll be producing nine websites initi...


Online trend predictions for 2019

As the new year begins, it’s time to add our voices to the chorus of round ups and forecasts. Just for fun, here are a few of our thoughts on the online trends that will be shaping our web design and marketing work work, as well as our pe...


How to use YouTube to grow your business

The world’s biggest online video sharing platform can be a great tool for growing your business – and you don’t have to be a camera whiz or a social media sensation to make the most of it. Getting started on YouTube can seem daunting ...


9 easy ways to improve your blog’s impact

Blogs might seem old school, but there are clear benefits to having your content posted and hosted directly on your own site. As an example, it’s easy to share a blog post on social media, and by sharing a blog post rather than creating a...


Why is this website different on a smartphone?

If you’ve ever visited the same website on a smartphone or tablet and a desktop or laptop then you’ll know that some features that appear on a smartphone (swipe left anyone?) don’t appear on a desktop and vice versa. As a marketing an...


How your website presents your price affects your sales

Everyone knows that you can easily drive off a customer with a bad price, but did you know you can lose sales on a great deal simply by how you present it? Economists, social scientists and behavioural psychologists have been studying how o...


How to deal with fake negative reviews on Google

In just a couple of minutes, someone can create a new account, slap a single star on your business and damage your online ratings. It’s bad enough when the damage is done by a genuine customer, but what can you do when reviews are posted ...


Has analytics gone too far?

Accessing your customers via the internet lets you gather a heap of data on them, whether it’s broad strokes (blue is more popular than red) or very detailed (customers tend to buy this item at 3am on a Friday) however, more and more bran...


Why YouTube is such a huge success – and how it can help your business

Twenty years ago, the idea that you could make a living or boost the sales of your business by sharing videos with strangers online was a weird sci-fi dream. Today, clicking on a YouTube video in your search results seems an obvious route t...