Facebook Commerce. Are you missing out?

With the number of monthly users nearly hitting 2 billion, Facebook is the most popular social media website, with 1.3 billion people using it daily. Facebook allows you to create pages for businesses and organisations, and with the large quantity of regular users, it makes it an extremely good way to advertise your company and get it seen by more people.

Why use Facebook Commerce?

  1. Find a new audience
  2. Increase your audience(s)
  3. Cost-effective Ads
  4. Free Customer Service
  5. Improved Reputation

A new audience

Facebook allows your company to build up an online following potentially bringing in people that wouldn’t usually know about your business. Posting regularly to your page, as well as following and liking similar pages and companies, can get your company noticed by more users. You can post many different types of information, from photos of products you are selling to blog posts that are related to your company, meaning it can be a good place to get all your company information out into the world.


A new, bigger audience

The share feature on Facebook means that when people like a certain post or want others to see it, they can share the post, meaning that it will come up in all of their friends and follower’s newsfeeds, giving it a lot more exposure, so encouraging people to share your posts is a must. A fun and easy way this can be done is through Facebook contests. Asking people to like, share and comment on a post to be in a chance of winning something. This is a vastly used method and is extremely effective at getting your post passed around and in turn increase your company’s exposure.


Paid Ads

Another way that you can expand your following and reach people who aren’t even following you yet, is by using Facebook Ads, where you can pay for your company ads and posts to be promoted. Paid ads are highly targeted and will show up on people’s news feeds that Facebook believes to have showed an interested in similar things in the past or thinks will be interested in the future. This means that using Facebook paid ads can help you reach your target audience, instead of being lost on people who would have no interest, which can in turn led to more people using or purchasing from your company. If you are posting about a product or service, the add can contain a link so that when they click on it, it will take them directly to your website and where they can find the product or service, making it easier and quicker for them to buy.


Improved Customer Service

Facebook is a great way to interact with your customers and clients quickly and easily. People can comment on your posts, potentially writing whether they like the content or not. This can give you an indication of what your customers want and what sort of thing you should be posting. If you have posted products or services you can use the comment section as market research, seeing what products are getting the most interest and are doing the best and what should be doing more of. They may also comment questions in which you can quickly answer, saving them from taking time to email or call you instead. There is also a messaging feature, which makes it possible for people to send you a comment or question privately. As this is a quick and easy method for people to contact you, it can increase customer satisfaction and leave a good lasting impression of your company.

AirAsia is a great example of how companies are using Facebook for customer service. AirAsia replies quickly to almost every customer inquiry comment they receive, no matter what time it was posted quickly and respond with helpful pages and advice and are always professional and friendly when they do. They also run a lot of competition and giveaways, as well as fun promotions, which increases their customer satisfaction.


Improved Reputation

Getting reviews and customer feedback is often quite a hard task to do. Facebook allows for an easy way for people to do this, as people are able to leave a review and do a star rating on the company’s page, which if good can improve your company’s reputation and potentially bring in more customers because of this. Facebook polls are also a great way for companies to find out what their consumers want, by actually asking them quickly and easily, with people voting on what they think is best.


All these features make Facebook a great way for businesses to sell your brand and advertise your products and services. If you would like some help with managing your Facebook account or any other social media pages, boxChilli offer social media marketing services and would love to hear from you!

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