Should I bother with an online shop?

A simple definition of eCommerce is the purchase and sale of goods/services online. According to recent research, 21-40% of a business’s revenue now comes from eCommerce, with that number expected to increase rapidly over the next few years. As more customers are turning to the web to make their purchases, more businesses are turning to eCommerce to appeal to a wider audience and increase their revenue.

Increase your revenue

Using eCommerce allows for a wider scope of people from all over the world to come across your business, creating a bigger pool of potential customers. Just having physical shops can limit the number of people that will be able to visit and buy from you, as it may be too far or difficult to visit you, so with the help of eCommerce and home delivery, it makes it much more possible and likely that these individuals will purchase from you. This, in turn, will lead to more people overall buying your products or services and increase your revenue greatly.

More convenient for your customers

With people becoming a lot busier these days, online shopping offers a much more convenient and easy way for shoppers to purchase their goods. Online shops are available 24/7, so orders can be made whenever the customer likes, meaning you could even be earning whilst you sleep and they can do their shopping around their work and life commitments easily.

Visiting these shops is very time-consuming and with the use of home delivery, it is easier for people to order from the comfort of their homes and not have to worry about ferrying the products around themselves. Similarly, with click and collect where you can order your products to be collected at a particular shop, it ensures that the products you want are actually available when you get there and you can quickly pick up your goods easily.

It’s significantly cheaper

Having a digital shop is considerably cheaper than maintaining a physical store as it is cheap to set up and maintain. You don’t have to pay for all the overheads that come with maintaining a physical shop such as staff, building maintenance and even displays. All these factors will help cut your costs dramatically and in the long run increase your revenue significantly as well as improve the overall success of your business.

Keep up with competitors

As the demand for digital shops is increasing rapidly, more and more companies are jumping on the digital bandwagon and investing in an eCommerce site. To keep up with your competitors and not get lost amongst the crowd, it is now important to have a strong online presence and an eCommerce shop in order to prevent people from choosing to use another company that offers this instead of yours.

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