Knowledge is power

In all businesses it is important to keep up with the latest industry developments.  To see what other people have to say, find things you agree with and of course some you don’t.  It’s also a good way to avoid making unnecessary mistakes, to learn from those of others and to share your experiences with the wider community.  There are lots of resources to learn and draw from across all different types of businesses.  Whether it’s old fashioned talking and networking sharing stories, reading specialist books or conferences, information collected as you go along is invaluable.

In our industry things change daily.  Google updates, CMS platforms change, conventions alter and it can all get a bit overwhelming.  As an online service, most of the information in web development comes from online.  From forums, from other websites and most notably from blogs.  Far from the personal diary ramblings of a teenage girl that blogs once were, they are now a gold mine of information.

Today we found a great little article listing 25 web development blogs.  A must read of the web dev world.  Have a look, see what’s going on in our little world, the internet.

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