Website Accessibility

Web accessibility is about making your website accessible to all Internet users (both disabled and non-disabled), regardless of what browsing technology they’re using. In addition to complying with the law, an accessible website can reap huge benefits on to your website and your business.
These benefits include:

* Improved site usability
* Fast loading pages
* Improved search engine listings and site search capabilities
* A better experience for low bandwidth users
* Improved support for a global audience
* Delivery of content to multiple devices
* Demonstration of social responsibility
* Reduced legal liability
* Positive PR

This doesn’t, however, mean you have to compromise on design and aesthetics. We work hard to make sure that your site not only functions to web accessibility standards but also gives the professional image that your company deserves.

At boxChilli media we are firm believers in accessible website design. We support the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and have proven expertise in accessible website design to the highest level. You can rest assured that with boxChilli media your website will be built to impeccable standards of coding.

Contact us today for a free accessibility audit on your current website on 0845 388 1478.

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