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Building and protecting your brand online whilst very exciting can be a very difficult and time-consuming task. boxChilli media’s online brand management services will nuture your brand online, protecting it from disrepute and if you need to rebrand, make sure that not only your customers are aware but also your suppliers.

We can also help build your brand online via a number of our services including pay per click, search engine optimisation, link building, guerrilla marketing and online PR, allowing you to develop a strong, long lasting and positive online brand
Rebranding online

They are many reasons you might be considering a rebrand, it will be a lot of hard work but can be very rewarding. We can make sure that all that effort doesn’t get ruined by poor online brand management.

Our online rebranding services include:

* Domain name searches, availability and registration.
* Domain name changes
* Website redesign
* Brand Identity (Brand ID)
* New product branding
* Expansion
* Change of address on any directory websites

International Online Branding

With the current expansion of markets into Europe, assisted by the weak pound we have been working with companies to establish a united European brand which works diversly across multiple languages and regional attitudes to marketing.

Our international brand services include:

* International Domain name searches, availability and registration.
* Website redesign including multi-currency and multi-lingual options
* International website hosting
* Expansion
* Submission into country specific directory websites

Help your brand live up to its potential online, call us on 0845 388 1478 to find out more about our online brand management services.

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