The importance of fresh content

You will find many sites contain these blog areas or latest news sections as a way to keep people informed of what they are up to. This kind of transparency is great in helping build a good relationship with clients and customers. This is important in both sales and service industries where the success of a business is built on these relationships. Having these functions and not keeping them updated however may have the reverse effect. If your news section has not been updated for several months it may put potential clients off, in favour of those more visibly recently active.

As well as just being a communication channel, keeping the content of a website updated is a great way of keeping your site fresh in Google’s memory and easy to find. The age old addage is that “content is king” and this is certainly true for websites, the more and the newer content the better. Search engines prioritise older sites with newer content, so ensuring new information is added to a site regularly can push it up the rankings. This extra content can either be relevant to what you want to be found for, or not, as both will have a positive impact on rankings in a different way. Keeping your product and service information refreshed is important for those things that you specifically want to be found for as new information is seen by search engines to be more relevant. Less specific updates are also important as it means you can update more regularly. Remember to keep your content original, both humans and search engines do not favour duplicate content and plagiarism so make sure at the very least it’s in your own words. By doing all this and keeping your site up to date with fresh, original, interesting and relevant content you can make sure those you want to find you, can with ease.

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