When video content is valuable for small and large businesses

From YouTube to TV ads, vlogs to movies video content is everywhere. Yet many small and medium sized businesses completely ignore video advertising, animation and how-to clips. There’s a perception that video is expensive, complicated and generally out of reach for smaller businesses. While a billion-dollar special effects budget might not be in the budget, creating effective video advertising and instructional videos is well within your grasp.

7 times to use videos

1. Grab attention (and clicks) with video advertising
2. Reach out to a wider audience with TV ads
3. Demonstrate a product or post a review
4. Give customers a different way to access content
5. Make your mark on social media and YouTube
6. Give an insider look into your business or workplace
7. Make a personal connection with your customers

Why is video so special?

People like to see the faces of the people we’re dealing with. From a parent who won’t be satisfied their kid is really OK until they see them to the salesperson who seals a deal with a handshake, the personal connection is crucial. Video gives us a way to create that connection without being there in person.

It’s also a very effective medium for certain kinds of story-telling and demonstrations. Written English doesn’t have many words for spacial terms, so describing how tab A fits into slot B can be hard. With video, it’s easy to demonstrate exactly how a product works or a kit fits together.

The pace of video gives it a clear narrative. As things happen one after the other, the viewer assumes that they are linked. This is a powerful tool for video advertising: if the smiling family playing follow the washing machine running, we assume they’re happy because of the laundry.

Videos need to be well made

Yes, there are hundreds of vloggers gathering millions of users with just clips taken on their phone. In many cases, these video bloggers will spend hours creating and editing their video, a hidden effort with a huge cost. They also may not make any money from their efforts.

For a business, a single well made clip can have a greater impact than a dozen amateur efforts. Well made video content will:
• Accomplish a purpose (e.g. demonstrate a product)
• Be well lit and uncluttered
• Be engaging
• Be easy to watch
• Be short

Time and attention are valuable and limited. Particularly in the highly competitive world of YouTube and social media, video advertising and other video content needs to be clear, simple and concise to attract attention. Well-planned, well-executed video content can be affordable, professional and an effective advertising tool – even for the smallest businesses.

Video isn’t the right tool for every job

Using a screwdriver to hammer in a nail is painful and futile. Likewise, video isn’t the solution to every content problem – there’s a reason this article isn’t one! At boxChilli, we believe that video advertising should be part of your integrated marketing strategy, and used where it will be an effective communication tool with a strong return on investment.

We’ve developed the expertise and experience to create instructional videos, advertising and animations for our clients – our team work hard so that you have more tools in your arsenal. If you need a video to demonstrate a product, win a pitch or advertise on TV, we can help.

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