Why mobile apps are the future of successful businesses

The technology race isn’t over yet

Within the last 10 years’ technology has experienced a growth like no other; our society’s ability to create and understand advanced technology has become the norm, leaving us in a world saturated with mobiles, laptops and more. Whilst in the past the mere thought of a talking watch seemed inconceivable, it is now a reality that no longer shocks us thanks to the innovation technology has and continues to experience.

The never ending race to have the best product on the market isn’t just subject to TV’s or mobiles, mundane products such as hairdryers and hoovers are also immersed in this endless cycle of tech. The continued development of bigger and better things has become a way of business, as soon as the new technology is on the shelf – there is a better one coming out next week.

It’s an ‘app-centric’ world

The undisputed jewel of all this innovation is the smartphone. They dominate the markets with their camera quality, touchscreens and virtual assistants, all which only keeps getting better. With the smartphone came the creation of mobile apps which have changed the way we use our phones forever; with thousands accessible via the app stores 90% of consumer’s mobile time is spent in apps1 using them to tweet, share and post for the whole world to see. The impact on society cannot be ignored, and any business that wants to be successful in the 21st century needs to recognise that apps are omnipresent, where just having a web presence alone is no longer sufficient, as online activity continues to shift to mobile2. There’s an app for everything – except your business, but you can change that.

How can an app help your business?

Mobile apps offer so much potential it’s just up to the company to tap into it and there’s several ways to go about this. The most common approach is to create an app where the primary purpose is to engage with their digital audience, where the app acts as a platform to reach existing and new customers. These types of apps can accelerate contact with your company, which enhances relationships with customers in a world where speedy responses are prized by buyers2.

Another type of app that whilst not the mainstream kind, is rising in popularity due to the benefits for business. With technology intelligence businesses are now able to create apps (or hire people who can) that help with the day to day running of the business.

This kind of app is private to the company employees and their function is to provide shortcuts that will simplify routine tasks, leaving them with more time to spend on other tasks with more efficient outcomes. The option of having a mobile app that’s sole purpose is to make your business more successful is one you can’t ignore. The beauty of mobile apps is that anyone can make one and although not everyone can make a great one – we certainly can.

Tailored just for you

Recently at boxChilli we created an app for our client CornerStone. The air mitigation company required an app that would help simplify the staff’s daily routine, and we believed we could build that for them (which we did). To reach this outcome we had to identify how they operated, and consider how an app could provide assistance to them. It was imperative to CornerStone that the purpose of the app was to maximise efficiency and ease throughout the businesses day to day tasks. The end result was an an app that aids the external staff of CornerStone who visit sites, to take, record and send calculations quickly, efficiently and all within a few touches on their phone. The app then immediately displays results which staff can then export the data into an email.

By helping our clients make the most of app technology they have positioned themselves at an advantage to their competitors, by preventing human error, shortening task length and increasing efficiency. In a digital world it simply makes sense to make to most of the technological tools around us, as investing in app technology can accelerate a company into success with ease once up and running. Mobile app development is an exciting and challenging project that we see as the secret to successful businesses.


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