Google Are Removing Similar Audiences

Google Ads have used Similar Audiences on their platform to help advertisers reach new users. Through taking existing data from re-marketing audiences and using this to match interests from that audience to find qualified. Helping to increase clicks and conversions through new audience prospects.

However, as of May 1st 2023, Google has taken the decision to stop advertisers from generating similar audiences from this platform. 

We’re sure there is a number of questions you have facing this, see below some more information about Google’s decision regarding Similar Audiences below.

What if my campaign is already using Similar Audiences?

Google can’t just turn similar audiences off overnight, especially as this would have a major impact on advertisers who are already using these. So for the short term there is no need to worry… Google has announced that if you have a Similar Audience already set up, this will continue to run until August 1st 2023. Allowing advertisers more time to test different audience and campaign types, to help reach and achieve their goals. After this point, Google will still offer historic data for advertisers to refer to, helping make logical decisions further down the line.

similar audiences in google ads are being phased out

What can I do to replace my Similar Audience?

There are many solutions which advertisers can implement, which can help advertisers to still achieve their desired results. 

Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max is the newest campaign type which uses a combination of all the different types of campaigns into one. Making most of Google Search, Display and the rest of the Google Network. Performance Max targeting works, when users set up Audience Signals, which are used to dictate the types of audience we are targeting. 

Through different search terms, demographic information, similar websites and a host of other targeting options, advertisers can build out their audience. Googles algorithms will then use this and first-party data that it’s collected from running the campaigns, to further expand the audience finding similar users who are most likely to complete the desired action. 

At boxChilli, our PPC team has been upgrading a number of client campaigns to Performance Max, and have started to see great results. They’ll be continuing to upgrade to these campaigns over the next few months. 

Optimised Targeting

Using optimised targeting can help to boost and reach new users through your campaigns. This works by detecting keywords and content, both through the selected landing page, Ad copy and assets, and again using the algorithms to find an audience which is likely to achieve the desired campaign goals. 

Optimised targeting is mainly used on Google Display campaigns, and can help you to achieve new users outside of your existing audience who are likely to complete an action. Increasing conversions, without increasing the cost per customer. Using Google’s smart algorithms, if they are reaching an audience which converts really well, it may reduce the reach of some audiences to prioritise a better quality user.

Audience Expansion

Audience Expansion works differently to Optimised Targeting, as this targeting type, focuses on audience segments that look-a-like and are similar to the manually selected and created audience by the Advertiser. 

The benefit of Audience Expansion is that they work across a number of different Google Campaign types, giving the opportunity to expand and reach new users. Creating an easier way to expand the audience and come closer to achieving the desired marketing goal. 


Although advertisers are losing a key feature to reach new audiences, there are still many ways in which performance can continue and reach these new users. Through Performance Max, Optimised Targeting and Audience Expansion, all campaign types have supported audience types which can help businesses continue to achieve their online goals.

If you’re looking for support running your Google Ad Campaigns, from a PPC agency, then we can help you to drive traffic and deliver high-quality leads. So if you’re ​​wanting to increase your company’s online visibility, contact us here.

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