How to work with influencers

Influencer marketing has become huge over the last few years. When social media usage skyrocketed, users began to connect with online personalities from fashion to gym bloggers. The majority of people have a few influencers who they avidly watch, be this on Instagram, through tweets or YouTube videos. Having this connection with them means a sense of security as you gain intimate knowledge about their lives. This increases the trust you feel between them, and here influencer marketing was born. Research shows 74% of people trust social networks to guide purchasing decisions. This is why having a relevant influencer endorsing a product is so valuable.

Even if it’s a new company, an established online personality will give it instant credibility. Obviously, you cannot just choose anyone when working with influencers. It needs to be someone who is appropriate to be the face of your brand. A fitness influencer would be a great face of a protein powder brand and a beauty influencer works to endorse a new face mask. You know that most of their followers will be the target audience for your product, making an easy target advert for you. 17% of companies spend over half their marketing budget on influencers which proves its importance. We’ve created a guide on how to work with influencers.

How to work with influencers

Campaign Goals

Like any campaign, you need to start with a goal. What do you expect to gain from the campaign and why? Do you want to make more sales, increase brand awareness or drive more traffic to your site? Ensure you have your targets in mind throughout the campaign to ensure you reach your goal. What you want to achieve will influence the personality that you choose. Depending on your budget, you could get multiple influencers involved to reach a bigger audience.

Appropriate Influencers

Finding the right influencers can take time so ensure you put thought into it. Having the wrong personality as the face of your brand can negatively affect your business. Do your research when making decisions and remember whoever you choose will be associated with your brand for the foreseeable future. Businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing so choosing someone who has relevance to your business is vital. Your goal will influence who you choose, for example, if you want to increase your brand awareness, go for someone with lots of followers and therefore a larger reach.

How to work with influencers


The majority of influencers will need some sort of payment for the work they’ve done, and in return, they will help you with your goal. Plan your budget so you have a clear idea of what you’re able to offer before approaching them. It doesn’t have to be a fixed figure, you could work out a plan such as you pay your influencer per post they make. As previously mentioned, if your budget can stretch, consider having multiple influencers, but consider how this will affect your campaign. Lyft had a very successful campaign in 2018 as they wanted to overtake their biggest rival, Uber. Lyft teamed up with over 1,000 influencers from a variety of spectrums and platforms. The influencers helped Lyft became the most mentioned brand of that year and therefore they achieved their goal. There is certainly different merit for choosing just one and multiple influencers.

The Campaign

Once you’ve secured your influencer, it’s time to plan out your campaign and start seeing those results. There are a variety of campaigns you can run which can give you results. This includes things like giveaways, testimonials, social media takeovers and sponsored social media content. When deciding on your campaign, you need to be aware of your target audience and how the platform will influence them. 93% of influencer campaigns use Instagram so this is a great place to start. Influencer marketing can make a massive impact on your business so use it wisely!

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