What is social media support and why should you have it?

We know that when you’re running a business, letting someone take the reins can be incredibly daunting. Signing over communications to an agency can feel like a huge step. If that sounds like you, you will be pleased to know that there is a middle ground.

Social media support offers businesses the opportunity to maintain control of social accounts, while getting the full value of a dedicated social specialist. You take full control of your social platforms, while a dedicated social expert guides you on the best way to run and manage your platforms.

Creating a strategy and voice for your social media is a significant task that can feel impossible alongside the day to day running of your business. Social media support is a solution that allows you to boost your online identity, while taking advantage of industry insights and trends along the way. No need to spend valuable time researching hashtags and algorithms as we cover every aspect of this. We offer invaluable wisdom which ensures you’re on top of your social game.

When someone is researching your business, social media is often the first port of call. Facebook and Instagram profiles can be found in seconds and if yours aren’t up to scratch, this can be a huge red flag for potential customers. Time constraints can leave businesses’ social media profiles looking tired and dated. boxChilli optimises and energises your platforms, ready to be discovered.

Reactive and Proactive

Social media support can work in one of two ways, proactive and reactive. Our initial kick-off meeting allows the team to analyse your business needs and recommend the approach which will be the most fruitful.

Our proactive approach to social media support means we will analyse your profiles and suggest the best ways to move forward in terms of reach, engagement and leads. This could be anything from trends to follow, content suggestions, a script for a video or simply some ways to boost and improve what’s already being posted. This is ideal for business owners who are just starting out and need pointers on how to move their platforms along, or those who have their content schedule sorted and merely want some suggestions from the experts.

The reactive approach leaves you to come to us with the support you would like, in the form of specific tasks or support with something you’re working on. This could involve paid advertising, video editing, graphic creation, strategy advice and everything in-between. Our goal is to make your business more profitable, and we work with you to achieve this. The boxChilli team works on a 2.5 hours monthly basis which allows you personalised support with your social media projects. You choose how your time is spent each month.

Why have social platforms for your business? 

In 2022, we know we don’t need to explain the importance of social media platforms. With approximately 46% of the UK actively using Instagram, and 51.34 million Facebook users, we know that your target audience is using social platforms. And we can help you find them.

Our social specialists recommend the best platforms to focus on, and areas that wouldn’t be effective for your business, saving you time and money which can be reinvested in other areas. We keep up with the very latest in topics and trends, delivering these tips to you in bite-sized pieces which are straightforward to fulfil, achieving exceptional results.

Paid advertising

We understand that paid advertising can be a million miles away from what you’re used to working on, and the idea of managing campaigns feels daunting. Our paid social media specialists can take your ideas and format them into a perfectly strategised paid campaign which targets your market to achieve sold-out events and products. Combining your business understanding with our expertise leads to perfectly optimised adverts that support your business objectives.

“The biggest piece of news is that we are now SOLD OUT for the fixtures against Wales AND Ireland which we’re all over the moon about!” – boxChilli social support client

Social media support works

Don’t just take our word for it, we know the data is what really matters. Take one of our support clients, Business Edge. Managing Director, Mike Creamer, had a personal LinkedIn as well as a Business page that wasn’t being used to its full potential. He approached boxChilli with this predicament, requesting the help of our social specialists. After analysing and optimising all of his profiles, we began running our support programme which has allowed Mike to utilise his platforms to support and expand his business.

Since working with boxChilli, Mike has had a 975% increase in post impressions and a 1,650% increase in followers, all through organic methods. After an initial 6 month trial, Mike was wowed by our services and has gone on to retain our support.

Social media support with boxChilli

Let’s get started. Book a free, no-obligation consultation with our social specialists today and we can discuss the ways we can boost your branding and generate more business through your social platforms.


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