How to Prepare your Business for Black Friday

What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday originated in the US as the Friday after Thanksgiving. A day where retailers offer customers discounts and promotions. Being regarded as one of the busiest days for retailers, the UK has since adopted and adapted to the traditional Black Friday.

Like the US, many UK retailers partake in Black Friday, offering deals to their customers. However, many retailers don’t limit these offers to just one day. Over the years, this has extended from Black Friday to Black Friday Weekend, and now many are offering Black Friday Deals all month.

But why is Black Friday so popular? It is one of the busiest days in the shopping calendar, which is often regarded by people as the first day of Christmas shopping. Companies tailor their marketing strategies towards this day as deals aren’t just limited to in-store, during Black Friday weekend in 2021, online sales accounted for 61.49% of the purchases made.

What if I’m not a Retailer?

Although traditionally, Black Friday will only benefit retailers and businesses with e-commerce stores, Black Friday has become a staple, which businesses of all types can benefit from. 

You don’t necessarily have to sell a product in order to benefit from the increased searches from Black Friday. Searches for services will also increase on Black Friday, as many people will be looking for whatever deals they can get. With the increased cost of living, many people will look to Black Friday in order to get the financial support they need.

Even if you don’t have an offer, you can still target Black Friday. With so many sales and big purchases happening, people will need support; building their new purchases, protecting their goods and so much more.

What can I do to benefit from Black Friday?

There are many things which can be done to increase visibility this Black Friday, here are some great ways in which you can support your Black Friday Strategy:

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Paid Search can help you reach users searching for your products and services. With the UK being accountable for 10.3% of Global Black Friday searches, there is no doubt people will be searching for your products.

PPC can drive qualified traffic to your website. And with an ever changing platform like Google Ads, Performance Max Campaigns allows advertisers to reach users across the Google Network (Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube and Display). 

This also enables you to target previous converters, previous website visitors, and reaching users based upon their previous searches, even if they’ve never heard of your business. This is achieved by bidding on searches and increasing the visibility of your offer.

Google Advertisers are able to create a feed of products they want to promote. (So if you only have select products you wish to promote, don’t worry. Not all of your products have to be advertised). 

Your PPC Specialist can update existing campaigns or create new ones, to focus on your offer. Updating products, headlines, descriptions and adding promotion extensions to Ads ensures that your offer stands out and encourages users to click through to the website.

Click here for more information about PPC. Are you interested in a PPC Campaign this Black Friday? Contact us today!


SEO can benefit buying decisions and a customer’s user experience on a website. 

User Experience is important. You want visitors to your website to have the best possible experience and they want your website to make their life easy. Improving your website optimisation score is important, having a fast loading website and landing pages that are easy to navigate, will increase the chances of a user making a purchase. If the experience is that good, there is also a high chance they will come back in the future.

Keyword research is important for SEO and is even more important when promoting an offer. Targeting irrelevant keywords and keywords which don’t have any purchase intention, is a waste of time and budget. 

Specified Black Friday landing pages are great for SEO. This allows a range of keywords to be used throughout, which can drive organic traffic to the website, whilst also aligning SEO focus with PPC. Highlighting an offer and making it available in the lead-up to the event for users to find, as they start preparing their Black Friday shopping spree. 

Are you wanting some more information about how SEO can benefit your Black Friday goals for this year and many years to come? Contact our experts today.

With Black Friday fast approaching, now is the perfect time to ensure your offer is reaching existing and prospective customers. If you want to discuss implementing a PPC and SEO strategy to boost your sales this Black Friday, get in contact with our specialist team.

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