Black Friday marketing strategies for 2019

Black Friday Marketing

With Black Friday around the corner, Christmas shopping and compulsive purchases will be rife. Although the frantic fighting over half-price items isn’t altogether true for most people, it is correct that the sales will be definitely be taking some pennies out of our pockets this year. Being the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday began when shoppers would take a sick day to have a four day weekend and enjoy some of the sales. The “black” part of the Friday was originally used by police to describe the post Thanksgiving traffic jams. Because this day was so profitable for businesses, they coined the term and rebranded it to be a massive day of sales. Nowadays, Black Friday is eagerly anticipated and stores make millions from the influx of traffic.

Collective Knowledge

The main selling point for business on Black Friday is that the majority of your customers will be aware that a sale will be on. There’s so much hype about this day on the news, television and social media, that it would be hard to miss it. Combine this with the fact that a lot of people are looking out for Christmas present deals and you’ve got a sale that literally sells itself. The marketing you need to explain what Black Friday is, is already out there and being perpetuated by other brands. Make sure to put out posts on your social media or blog and if you have a physical store, a poster or two will help.

Sense of urgency

Like with any sale, businesses often utilise the sense of urgency that a sale produces. If you don’t make a purchase now, you’ll miss out on the fantastic offer which you’ll never get again. This encourages people to buy a product they don’t necessarily need, as they think they are getting a good deal. If you add a busy, warm shop and not a lot of time to decide, you have an easy sale, with which the consumer should still be happy.

Ahead of the curve

Although Black Friday is packaged as a one day sale, the reality is that some deals go up months in advance. Businesses try to beat their competitors on when their sales start so they become favoured. What this creates is a longer period of people making purchases and more money for the companies. Consumers think they’re beating the rush and getting a better deal when realistically it’s just another sales pitch.


A lot of companies provide a sneak preview of what they’ll be selling on the big day. This creates a sense of excitement for customers and anticipation so customers will be thinking about the purchase they’re making long before they make it. Social media is massively utilised around this time to over saturate users with unmissable deals and discounts. With Instagram’s recent addition of targeted advertising, users can be bombarded with tailored products which they see over again which inevitably results in a sale.

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