Will your SEO be affected when changing marketing agencies?

SEO has become a fundamental part of digital marketing for websites, as the technology and algorithms used to carry out the process are constantly improving. Search engine optimisation is essentially the process of optimizing a website to ensure it is as search engine friendly as possible, and ensuring that search engines recognize that. Google uses their own set of algorithms to show what they don’t want, and then SEO experts must work around these set rules to avoid penalties and to successfully achieve organic traffic.

Aren’t all SEO agencies the same?

A common error that many companies make is that assuming that all SEO is the same, this is a naïve and incorrect outlook that can prevent companies from reaching their true online potential. SEO it isn’t just the simple case of following a universal checklist, because whilst the algorithms ensure that the list of what is acceptable is narrow, SEO still has variation across agencies as every expert follows their own intuition and ideals as to what makes a great SEO. For instance, some agencies may focus on content strategies whereas some may prefer long-tail keywords or optimizing meta information and images. This is because there is no right way, only guidelines to follow; meaning that with different agencies comes different outcomes. Finding the right SEO experts is crucial for the online success of your site, ensuring that the agency you are with has created a tailored strategy that is best for your business.

What to expect when you change agencies

If your company is thinking about hiring an SEO expert, or entertaining the thought of switching to a new marketing agency but are worried about the impact, there’s no need to panic as your current SEO progress isn’t going to disappear. Any agency taking on a client will assess the current strategy being followed to optimize your site and its content, a fresh pair of eyes being able to identify strengths and weaknesses in your sites profile. Your new agency will work towards a new strategy that will lead to better results (assuming you’ve gone to a good SEO company that is).
During the change not only do you want your SEO to remain unharmed, you want a smooth transition; a seamless handover that will not disrupt your site or your organic traffic. When venturing in a new direction it’s important to ensure that current clients do not feel disconnected from the business at any point; any sudden changes implemented without a long term strategy may do more harm than good. In order to prevent this, it’s essential that a long term strategy is in place, and any good SEO company will know this. By devising a plan that has considered all aspects of the site, it provides a clear path for success that will allow your company to track its impending progress. Using a specifically tailored list of optimization tasks (amongst other SEO tricks) the strategy plan allows you to ensure targets will be achieved on a timescale that is both realistic and runs smoothly.

At boxChilli we understand the importance of a change over, having recently took on a large company who were in desperate need of revising their SEO.  Using our professional expertise, we were able to evaluate the current SEO strategy in place, and devise a plan that is tailored the company’s values and target audience, ensuring them the best results possible – which is exactly what we have done.

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