Why Hiding the YouTube Dislike Counter Benefits Marketers

There is no better time to use YouTube as a marketing tool for your business.

Have you ever changed a wheel on a car?

It’s surprisingly easy, but a simple tutorial video can still be your saviour if you approach your flat-tyred car on a busy morning when you’re late for work. If you spend a reasonable amount of time on the internet then your first port of call might be that great, undeniable source of How-To videos; YouTube, where searching for “how to change a wheel on a car” will truly demonstrate the power of the YouTube dislike counter.

Bear in mind, when in a rush to get to work, you won’t be able to waste 30 minutes watching potentially unhelpful how-to videos. So, how can you quickly tell if the first video result is helpful? You cast your eyes down and see the answer; the first video has a ratio of 10% thumbs up versus 90% thumbs down. The people have spoken. It’s time to quickly select a different, more positively-rated video and perfectly change your car’s wheel in 10 minutes.

YouTube Likes versus Dislikes

Obviously, soon after this, you would need to buy a new tyre. Now imagine if that first video was created by a local garage who just started digital marketing on YouTube. You turned away from their video because you couldn’t risk a 1:9 (thumbs-up to thumbs-down) 20 minute video, however, if you watched the whole thing, they might have promoted an incredible set of tyres that you’d be tempted to buy from them. Hell, the tutorial itself might have been perfect for you if you stuck around to find out! Remember, 10% of the thumbs rating was ‘up’, after all! This is why the removal of YouTube’s dislike counter can be a blessing for marketers who use YouTube to sell or promote a product/service on the internet, if done correctly.

YouTube Removes the Dislike Counter

It’s January 2022, and Google has recently hidden that dislike counter from the entirety of public YouTube. The bad news: YouTube lost a little creative and UX integrity for the viewer. The good news: there is no better time to use YouTube as a marketing tool for your business.

How Hidden Dislikes Benefit Marketers

There are advantages to Google hiding the YouTube Dislike counter. Mainly, new viewers are now less likely to instantly click-away from a company’s promo video, because they can no longer make that instant judgement by reading the ‘mob mentality’ of thumbs up versus thumbs down. Which means the company will get more of their precious video seen and not ignored. This is especially beneficial because Watch Time is one YouTube’s key metrics, and monitoring key metrics like this is vital for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Can you Still See YouTube Dislikes?

Importantly, the dislike counter is only hidden from public view, which means, as the video uploader, you can still see the number of likes versus dislikes when logged into your account. So don’t worry – a company will still be able to see whether viewers are enjoying a video or not.

Do YouTube Dislikes Still Matter?

It’s important to note that the dislike button itself is still there, and that button still counts as engagement on that particular video, and to a wider extent, the channel. Also, it’s worth knowing that the number of likes is still visible to the public, so if a video has 1,000 views and only 3 likes, that almost certainly means it has a much larger portion of dislikes… therefore the goal is still to create the best videos as possible!

Get More YouTube Comments

People always like to make their voices heard, which means if they can’t air their negativity by increasing the thumbs-down ratio, what’s their next step? They’ll type their thoughts in the comment section, which is, again, more engagement. This is also a fantastic opportunity to learn specifically what’s on their mind, and potentially generate conversation which is all great for that company’s PR marketing. Before you presume that people will type offensive language in the comment section, remember that the uploader can moderate other people’s comments.

YouTube is Constantly Evolving

Google removing the YouTube dislike counter is simply the latest change in a long list of changes that have happened to the video sharing site over the years, and it certainly won’t be the last. A business looking to enhance their online presence with an SEO agency or social media marketing specialists needs to remember that some changes, whilst questionable for the viewer, certainly favour the uploader. If you’d like to find out how to get started with marketing your product/service on YouTube, visit our digital marketing pages and book a free digital marketing consultation.

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