Why choose a content management system over a static site

In years gone by there were no content management systems.  Sites were built painstakingly by developers and designers from scratch by hand in the back-end.  The advantage of this is that it gives almost total flexibility at the design stage, as everything is custom coded the only limitation is that of the basal technology.  It is a long process however, and the freedom given by starting with a blank canvas causes a high level of complexity in development and if any changes are required.  Static sites are typically faster than those built on content management systems also, but this is something that can be remedied.

Take the power back

More and more people are choosing to have their sites built on a content management system for the control it gives them over their content, especially small and medium businesses.  These systems put the power back in the clients hands once the initial site has been built, as after a little training it is simple to add in extra pages, or change content without having to rely on someone to go in and do it for you.  Change can be done whenever you need.

Simple and effective

For SEO purposes content management systems offer a simple and effective way of ensuring a clear linking structure and search-engine friendly URLs that make it obvious what each page is.  CMS sites can be built to your specification and there are many different design routes you can take.  Having everything in one place makes upgrading security easy as vulnerabilities can be patched.  It is also possible to add new functionality quickly and easily using plug-ins rather than having to write lines and lines of custom code.

Right for you?

There are many benefits to using a CMS and here at boxChilli we have many clients who have chosen this option.  We offer full training on handover of your site as well as support packages to ensure that you have everything you need to manage your CMS site.  We are happy to discuss the various options and systems available and advise you on the best course for your website.

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