What the Apple announcement means to boxChilli

The big news in cyber-land today is last night’s event which saw technology giants Apple announce several new products. For those hoping for lots of new shiny things to coo over, Apple did not disappoint. New gadget after new gadget was rolled out to the crowd of journalists and industry bigwigs at the event in San Hose last night.

Apple showcased the new iMac, new Mac Minis, the new 13 inch MacBook Pro with retina display, the iPad 4 and of course the much anticipated iPad Mini. That by anyone’s standards is a lot of gadgets to get through in one evening, especially considering the last announcement was only a few short months ago. There has been speculation for weeks about Apple’s answer to the Kindle Fire HD, and the Nexus 7 the iPad Mini. This speculation was proved right but was not the biggest buzz of the evening. The biggest shock was the unveiling of the iPad 4, just 6 months after the iPad 3 was launched.

We’ve been chatting over at boxChilli towers about what all this might mean for us. The digital world is a unique place as it is constantly changing. If it isn’t Google’s algorithm it’s a new coding method such as HTML5.  This means that those, like us, that make this world their home have to continually adapt what we do. Any gizmos that the main players like Apple roll out to us are a new platform on which the sites we create will be viewed on. Our office is already home to iMacs, PCs and an iPad as well as other tablet simulators all of which we use to check our sites for compatibility, as well as making sure they work on each of the major browsers. The new releases of the past 24 hours will be added to our expanding list of platforms to ensure all we create is up to the minute and future proof.

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