What is Baffit?

27.07.17 - by boxChilli


Do you love posting and seeing ‘before and after’ photos on social media sites? Do you wish it was easier to upload, share and store these images all in one place without all the clutter you usually see on other sites? Welcome to Baffit! A dedicated place to share and view fascinating, fun, inspirational and transformational before and after pics, stories and journeys.

boxChilli worked with innovator Carrie McSwan to create new social media website Baffit, where users can post and find ‘compare’ or ‘before and after’ photos of anything and everything, from weight loss journeys to comparable photos of different hairstyles.

Carrie came up with the idea of Baffit when she struggled to find a site where you could easily upload and share real life, genuine before and after photos in one place. Most social media news feeds are now filled with insignificant updates and clickbait articles, making it hard for people to actually see the genuine posts that they are interested in. This led to Carrie wanting to create a unique, inspirational platform for people to be able to post and share their before and after stories and journeys without the nonsense. is a social sharing website that lets you create a profile and share updates. Users can easily find people they know who are using the site, as well as discover new accounts with the explore option. Users can choose a category in the explore feature that will only show photos that are related to that group, such as hair and beauty, making it easier to find posts and accounts that they are interested in. If you don’t want your account to be made public and for everyone to be able to see your photos, there is an option to make your account private, so that only followers who you have accepted are able to see your posts. If you want to share your baffs to other social media sites, Baffit allows for this, letting you share your posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, with many more becoming available soon. On Baffit it is easy to interact with uses through their direct message feature that enables you to send messages to an individual or a group of users privately, as well as clicking ‘love’ or commenting on other’s posts.

Baffit is great for businesses and many companies are already using it, from plastic surgeons and interior designers to personal trainers and hair dressers. It is a great way for businesses to post services and products that they offer, to help maximise their exposure and reach new potential customers or clients. There is an option to promote sponsored posts which will get the post to be seen by people who would Baffit believes would have an interest in the company and the services and products it provides. With these posts, users can click the ‘want it’ button on the post, which will take them to the place where they can buy the product or service; being able to buy is just a click away.


  • Innovator: Carrie McSwan
  • Logo creation and branding: boxChilli
  • Website design and build: boxChilli
  • First baff: 7th March 2017
  • Most loved baff [to date]: inspiration weight loss
  • Most popular category [to date]: Hair & Beauty
  • Time it takes to upload a baff: less than 30 seconds
  • Logo creation and branding: boxChilli
  • Website design and build: boxChilli
  • Innovator: Carrie McSwan


Here at boxChilli, we believe that Baffit will be the next big social media website and urge you to go and sign up and start posting and exploring now! Want it, love it, baff it.