What does your logo say about you?

For many of your clients, your logo is the face of your business – something they’ll spot in a crowd and react to emotionally. If you think of the brands you know well, the logo may feel like an old friend, a reliable colleague or perhaps an exciting pal.

When so many of your clients discover you through social media or your website, how you present your business is critical. As we work with many new and small businesses, we’ve seen some logos with great graphic design, and logos that are simply a liability. So, what does your logo say about you?

Friendly or authoritative?

Crisp logos with bold design and sharp edges tend to be seen as more authoritative than those with curves, fuzzy lettering and cute animals.

Quirky or classic?

While creative graphic artists will tell you that it’s all about the presentation, some themes lend themselves more to creating a particular image. As an example, both Jaguar and Felix use cats in their branding but the graphic design is very different. Choosing the style of your logo is important, as it will send a message about how you see your business. As an example, the same word in different fonts and text styles can send a very different message – in all capitals WALK is a command, in italics walk is much more of suggestion. Punctuation is often seen as quirky, while simple, classic fonts hint at a long history.

Reliable or unprofessional?

For a small or new business, a graphic designer can seem like an unnecessary luxury. Unfortunately, in the internet age, consumers are becoming more and more discerning. A logo that looks like it was knocked up by an amateur can suggest to your customers that the whole outfit is unprofessional. A professional logo won’t make your fortune but it’s certainly worth looking your best. Think of it as investing in a good suit for an interview – your logo is on show every day, and should look good.

And just as a suit should fit the wearer, the logo you use should be the right size and quality for the space. That’ll be different for online and print use – a good graphic designer will provide you with multiple sizes and resolutions at little or no extra cost.

Colour mapping

There’s no doubt that colours can trigger emotional responses. As these reactions aren’t very sophisticated, there’s room for all kinds of businesses to have logos in every hue. While darker shades do tend to be seen as more serious and responsible, you’ll find heavy industrial concerns and light-hearted entertainers using every part of the rainbow. As an example, Honda, Apple The Times and Cartoon Network all use black and white or grey – an apparently sombre combination given four very different looks.

At boxChilli Digital we have a huge wealth of branding experience that we want to share with our customers. If you are a business based in Portsmouth, Hampshire or surrounding areas and would like to discuss your logo in detail, or find out more about our other digital services available please visit our pages, view our portfolio or meet and contact our web design and digital marketing team. We really like to talk.

Danielle – Customer Account Manager – boxChilli Digital Marketing

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