New Year’s Resolutions for your Website

At boxChilli, we like our clients just the way they are – but we’ve seen a few dodgy websites out there. As web design professionals, we’ve got an insight into what can make or break a website and we’ve distilled our collective wisdom into 5 New Year’s Resolutions that will make any website better in 2014.

I will update my site regularly

Regular care makes a site look used and live, encouraging customers to take you seriously and shop with you. You don’t have to do a full site overhaul every week. Simply taking an hour or so every month to write and schedule one or two news update or blog posts will help. You should also check for out-of-date content, such as expired offers or unseasonal greetings on your home page.

I will focus on what my customer needs

As a business, it’s easy to know what you have to offer, but harder to translate that into solving problems for your customers. It’s harder still to communicate the great solutions you have to offer, but it’s a good focus for your website. Web design should be user friendly, and in the industry we even have usability testers to tell us when we get it wrong. As a small business, making your website usable and customer focussed is more important than flashy graphics or even an active Twitter account.

I will use my time wisely

No one can do everything and still be effective. Delegating and outsourcing website work can ensure that it actually gets done, and is done to a high standard. At Box Chilli, we provide comprehensive web design services, taking clients from a sketch to a complete website, but we also provide individual services, such as managing a Twitter account or ghost writing blog posts. And even we outsource some task, like taking awesome photos or making celebratory cupcakes, so we can focus on our core business.

I will prepare for mobile browsing

Estimates suggest that over 70% of Brits now own a phone or another mobile device that can browse the web. As a result, more and more people are shopping online on the go, even comparing products online while they’re in store. Effective web design that works across the mobile platforms is going to be critical for many businesses in 2014.

I will choose my images wisely

A picture is only worth a thousand words if it’s clear, attractive and at the right resolution. A pixelated or blurry shot can cost you customers. Ideally, the picture should be scaled to the size you intend to display it at. A small picture made large will look blurry or pixelated. One that’s much to big will take a long time to load. Photos straight off the camera are typically over a thousand pixels per side, much too large for the web. And we probably don’t need to mention that you should only use pictures you have the copyright for – otherwise it may take more than a thousand words to defend your actions in court!

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