Twitter trends for 2012

Just like Google, Twitter have released their top trends for 2012. Stats like this give us a major insight into what people are engaging with and talking about online. There are often big differences in what people are engaging with on the different social media platforms. The differences between the top Twitter trends and the top Google searches demonstrate how users engage very differently with Twitter.

Many of the top trends on Twitter are real time related. People take to Twitter most often to discuss TV shows as they happen, current events as they unfold and to access the very latest news and information. Twitter is used by many to converse about things as they occur, without necessarily having to be in the same room or even country as their peers. Events of the X-Factor, Euro 2012 and the Champions League generated the most tweets per second in the UK.

Are these the events that unite the nation? Or do they simply just lend themselves to this particular social platform. Twitter takes a while to get your head around. Why broadcast every thought or occurrence in a brief 140 character synopsis? But for events like the Olympics Twitter really comes into it’s own. Users can search for the latest news, weigh in on controversies and put their thoughts across. The BBC used Twitter for much of it’s vox pops during the event as did Channel 4 for the X-Factor showing that Twitter really is a two-way street. As a marketing tool then it is important to initiate a dialogue, giving people something to talk about, and then to use the information you receive through this channel to further your presence there. Because who wants to have a conversation with themselves?

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