Social sites are leaning towards visual media

There’s a buzz around social today.  Across the internet there is talk of shake-ups by both Google plus and Facebook.

In the battle for the top spot Google plus have redesigned areas of their site.  They have made both the cover photo bigger and the changed the logo area to a circle to optimise the space available.  This is the start of many rumored developments to make the network as functional and appealing as its rivals.

Facebook confirmed last night that the proposed changes to the timeline that Zuckerberg has hinted at are to be implemented soon.  He has been involved in weekly meetings since May 2012 to overhaul the iconic feature of Facebook, the news feed.  Like the changes made to Google Plus, Facebook too are favouring the visual, with bigger pictures, larger icons for things like check-ins, and of course for advertising in the never ending quest to make Facebook make more money.

Both platforms favouring images over text show the shift that is occurring as attention spans get shorter, and people want to be able to consume bite sized pieces of information quickly and easily.

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