Pinterest: is it right for your business?

It’s tempting to jump on each new social media trend as it comes around, and the gorgeous images on Pinterest make it doubly appealing. But before you invest your energy, is it the right choice for your digital marketing needs? Pinterest: is it right for your business?

Is your style ripe for sharing?

Pinterest is an image-sharing social network, and it’s heavily geared towards visually appealing lifestyle products. As a result, it’s a great tool if you’re making beautiful things which you sell to the general public, but almost entirely useless if you’re making purely practical things which you sell to other businesses. As an example, there are thousands of pictures of wedding cakes on the site, but only a few showing engineering tools like industrial pumps.

Do you have high-quality, attractive images to share?

If you don’t, are you willing to invest the time and money it will take to create them? Pinterest is almost entirely visual, and standards are high. Poorly shot photos are unlikely to be shared or liked, making them a deadweight in your Pinterest stream. Unfortunately, creating share-worth images is harder than it looks so if you haven’t already got great shots, perhaps for your website or a catalogue, you may prefer to give the site a miss, from a digital marketing perspective, and let your customers do their own sharing.

Do your customers use Pinterest?

People from all walks of life use the site but the user demographic is highly skewed. It’s much more popular with women (68%) than men, 50% of all its users have kids and many are above-average earners (28% have a household income over USD 100,000 per year). It’s used almost exclusively as a social setting and an aspirational pin board. So if your target market is male business decision makers or teenagers, then your digital marketing efforts are likely to be wasted on this site.

What ROI are you looking for?

As an individual, using a site because it’s fun is enough. In work mode, with your digital marketing hat on, you’ll know you only have a limited amount of time to spend on each new project or media channel. Even if your business is an obvious match for the social media site (wedding photography, for example, or children’s clothes) it’s not clear that spending time on Pinterest will translate into more sales. How much time will you need each week to create a Pinterest profile that gathers followers? What would these followers have to do to make your effort worthwhile? How many sales would you want to generate per hour of effort?

Is Pinterest better than Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or…?

As there are only 24 hours in the day, if you add Pinterest to your digital marketing strategy, you’ll have to drop something else or risk encroaching on time allocated to other areas of business. Figuring out if your effort would be better spent elsewhere isn’t always easy but it’s essential if you’re going to make the most of your time. A saving grace is if you can use a multi-channel tool like HootSuite to simultaneously post to Pinterest and other sites: duplicating you content across several sites might not please everyone, but it is quick and easy.

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Danielle – Customer Account Manager – boxChilli Digital Marketing

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